Apple Battery Charger!

It has to be said that anyone daring to write a review about something as simple as a Battery Charger must have a spare 5 minutes available and money to burn in their pocket, when the said battery charger is released by Apple at a cool £25.00 (UK pounds).

One of my biggest gripes with Apple and their products is the amount of batteries that their mice, trackpad and keyboard’s use. They are always on about how Green their products are, and how much better they are for the planet when compared to other brands, and I have never understood why their equipment does not come with rechargable batteries as standard, and a way of charging them once you finish for the day. Now, as anyone with two ounces of sense would tell you, sure, you can go and buy your own rechargeable batteries and a charger, but that is not the point when it comes to an Apple product, we expect… nay… DEMAND that THEY provide a solution!

Clearly, Apple being Apple, they must have though about this, and came up with a simple White battery charger, bundled 6 batteries into the box it comes in and then slap a charge of £25.00 on it to make all of us feel special for buying their product over any other brand. And do you know what? People (like me) are buying the item and we now have a warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that Apple has listened to us all and want’s to make us happy… err.. yeah right….

Bottom line, is that the unit looks nice next to all of your other Mac stuff, it is supposed to be marginally better at retaining power once a charge is in place, and by buying this, over any other product, you know you are keeping “Steve Jobs” with a standard of living he is used to. If you have a bunch of Mac items that feed off batteries, you may as well just buy this as it does do what it says on the box…. “Charges Batteries”

One thing though that still bugs me though, and this breaks Apple’s advert for the the batteries and how you will use them… I need two for my Magic Trackpad (check), I need two for my Mighty Mouse (check), I need two for my wireless keyboard…. STOP! My unit requires THREE BATTERIES! So clearly Apple has once again did another change without telling some of us ARGH!!!!! So for me, I need a 7 battery charger cycle to be Apple Happy… sigh…..

If you want to see the item being unboxed, why not pop over and watch the video I made showing you the delights of the item…..


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