Apple Not Really Interested In Getting More Computers Into Business…

It  has to be said that Microsoft, whether you like them or not, have had the right idea on getting their software to be treated as the de-facto standard for use by home and business world wide. The same can also be said for Google as well, but let’s keep this on simple terms to make the points easy to understand.

When Microsoft had MS-DOS released, the one thing that guaranteed them having their operating system being used by as many people as possible, was the fact that you could copy the floppy disks and pass the operating system around, or use it on multiple computers in your own premises. As time went on, Windows, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98 could all be obtained and copied with ease, and while this was illegal, Microsoft had sales coming in, and anyone who had two brain cells just knew they could not allow this to keep happening, but they had to sit and wait until a generation or so got used to their software, and became tied into it.

With no real surprise, with the release of Windows XP protection was introduced that meant the software had to be validated by Microsoft so they could make sure that the copy of the software you had on your computer was legal. By being legal, they knew that they had a guaranteed sale and could not start to make money from all of the work they had done through the years. Typically, all hell broke loose with everyone making up a range of complaints about how bad this sort of protection was, when in fact everyone knew the loudest complainers happened to be the ones who probably had copies of just about everything!

Anyway, thing shave progressed where we are at Windows 7, but the beauty of Windows 7 though is the fact that anyone can get the DVD of the operating system and install it onto any decent PC system they may have kicking around, and this allows people to look at the operating system, test it out, play with it, learn from it for 30 days, and in turn, if it’s seen to be good, you are pretty much guaranteed that someone will purchase the operating system and Microsoft gets another sale!

By now you may be scratching your head and thinking, what the hell has this got to do with Apple? All I have done is write about Microsoft!

Well, it’s pretty obvious in my opinion, that Microsofts wants to have their software being used by as many people as they can, and to make this happen they make it easy to get the software and do not really dictate what specific hardware you have to install it onto to try it out. But what about Apple?

Lets say that you are debating wishing to use Snow Leopard Operating System in your home or business. What options are open to you to try before you buy? What options are out there for you to learn their server software and see if you can use it in your business etc? Well, if you expect an easy and free way to evaluate for 30 days like Microsoft offers, then think again. Apple just expect you to buy their hardware and software, and are not interested in making it easy for the average user to learn about their operating system to see if it will be better than a Microsoft offering.

Surely, anyone with an ounce of common sense would think that Apple should (by now) have some sort of DVD that can be booted up with a time limited version of Snow Leopard etc, than can be run on generic PC Hardware rather than having to use their Apple branded hardware. But, if the person evaluating the software likes it, the only option open to them would be to purchase their hardware complete with Snow Leopard etc, so Apple but they would be more than willing to accept this, and the overpriced hardware costs and Apple gains another new user to their camp!

But, this is such a simple idea that surely any company who seriously wanted to push their operating system out to the world and take on Microsoft, would come up with some easy way to allow people to try before they buy?? Walking into an Apple shop is not the same as sitting at home or in the office testing things out, so all I can think of is that Apple really isn’t interested in getting their computers into business and are more than happy to focus on iPod, iPhones and iDontKnowWhatElse!

There is a very large market out there who would love to go the iMac route, but unfortunately the cost is the deciding factor for most people, more so when they have not got the ability to try before they buy…


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