What People Want To See – Regarding Unboxing Video’s

I listened to an interesting conversation on an online Tech chat show recently, and the discussion was about how so few people watched the “High Quality” Tech video’s that are displayed on YouTube, up against some of the poor quality ones that are out there, and yet they are viewed buy thousands of people. A few of the people in the discussion then started to ridicule these highly watched video’s and the viewers who seem to like watching them, and then went on to say that some of the high quality review video’s or unboxing video’s displayed the likes of Three Thousand pound camera’s and Mac Pro’s etc, and nobody seemed interested…. Are these guys being serious???

First of all, any material I do be it in written form or in video form, I regard to be amateurish, anyone else can do so much better than I am able to, but I at least make an attempt to do something that pleases me. If other people like what I do, then that to me is really nice and makes me very happy! Likewise, anyone who hates the stuff I do, I take the comments on board, and usually request that I can see the better work that they produce, so that I may learn from their apparent superior skills. Surprisingly enough, this never ever seems to happen, so I just shrug and move onto doing something else.

Anyway, so the people in the discussion feel that high quality and higher value goods are better to watch, over someone’s “Let’s open a new packet of crisps video”, and to me anyway, I think this shows why some people are not interested in the material that they produce. They think they are either better, or act aloof. They think their production quality is better, so in turn they are better than the rest, and people should be appreciating more what they are creating! They push over to the public online that we should be honoured to view what they have released and allowed us to view….

Straight away, I think it’s very clear why these people and their work does not get the viewers that they crave…. the people who do visit it, either don’t like that material being opened or reviewed. They possibly do not like the clinical way it has been filmed, or possibly the way the narration is being done on the product concerned, and just possibly, they people find they whole production so boring and SAME as every other TV show, or high quality online video show that they straight away flick onto something that will interest them more! And, if this means watching some sad person trying to open a tech product with a blunt knife, and dropping things and generally having a pretty shambolic review session, then they can sometimes relate more to this, have a laugh at the non clinical production, and take on board that this is in fact a real production, being done from the heart to have a little bit of fun that hopefully passes on to others.

Do I watch a video of a Mac Pro being unboxed? Actually, no… as I will never ever spend that sort of money on this product, so I’m not really interested in watching one being opened up! Do I watch a video of someone opening a simple device like a touch tablet, a mouse, a keyboard, a Magic Trackpad, a monitor, a video card, something saucy, something daft… YES I DO!!!! Why? Because it’s probably something I would like to buy and want to see what someone else thinks, I want to see how they present the item they have bought, I want to see if they can make it interesting without being clinical, but above all else I want to see something that “I” can afford and that “I” may possibly want or know of others who may want the item concerned!

That to me, is what tech is about… FUN. But, we are all different, and we all like and dislike different things, but please, to everyone who read’s this, please take the time to respond to people online who create stuff that you like! If you do not like their stuff, rather than just being inconsiderate and rude and negative, why not come back with constructive criticism so that the person concerned may in fact learn something!

And to all of you HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION PEOPLE OUT THERE… Hey, “I” appreciate what you are capable of doing, and there are some incredible video’s out there and web site etc, but please, don’t get all worked up if something YOU consider to be rubbish is valued more by the Internet users out there… Why not take the time to try and understand the needs of the people who ENJOY something that clearly you do not… You may find that sometimes you have to lower YOUR standards to be accepted by others!


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