The Bored Mind Makes You Delusional!


With the imminent launch of the new iPod Touch from Apple, I have spent a bit of time reading up on the various gadgets that are around, and the new and current equipment from Apple is all that seems to appeal to me at the present time.

I do not need any of these gadgets, but I am going those that techie phase of being bored with everything around me, and I am looking for some new toy to play around with, but only if I can really justify the need for it, and it is not going to be something that I’ll just buy and then never use! With any Apple product you certainly are not going to spend the money on it and not use it… it’s just too dam expensive to do that!

So, as I cannot get my hands on the new iPod Touch at the moment, I started to look at deals on the iPhone 4 to see if that would be a worthwhile avenue to explore. Buying the phone itself from Apple was way too expensive, so I looked at my current mobile phone provider “3” and it would cost me £189.00 for the 32GB iPhone 4, and then a £30 a month plan that allowed me 1GB of data, 5000 minutes etc etc, and the deal does seem to be the best going around the UK at the moment. MInd you, this is a two year contract at £30.00 a month, so if I managed to stay inside limits, I would be looking at just over £900.00 for my iPhone experience!!! A hard one to justify…. but still tempting as it feels like a pay-up plan and you are not wiping out you bank balance in one fell swoop!

Then I started to look at the 32GB iPad and it began to appeal to me as well, even though the limitations of the device would be the one thing that would probably drive me insane very quickly… and then it crossed my mind that I could in fact just get both the iPhone and the iPad and really have something new to play around with! It has been quite incredible just easy the mind started to ignore the complete cost of ownership of these products, just because of boredom!

So, after a few days of this, I have managed to slap some sense into myself and I have decided that the new iPod Touch will do everything that I need, but there is still that niggle that I would like the push email facility of the iPhone, and the better camera, but at what sort of cost though… would it really be worth it!

Tomorrow will be interesting as I will have the salesman calling me up to let me know he has managed to get me a 32GB iPhone 4… now the real question is… will common sense prevail or will I go and make myself a slave for the next two years of my life… Watch this space!!!!


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