iPhone 4 Me, But Is It 4 You?

If you read my previous post, you would know that I had been thinking seriously about getting an iPhone 4, an iPad and the new iPod Touch. With everything Apple related though there is the cost implication to be considered, and sometimes its just nice to dream and wish you could have everything, but reality kicks in and common sense prevails.

Well, if truth be told I have always looked at the iPhone 4 and thought I’d really love to have one, but the cost is so high that justifying it has been the big problem. Certain issues over the last month or so has made me think about mobile communication, and my need to separate business from personal communication, so the thought of having an iPhone 4 for personal use kept niggling away at me.

I visited a 3 store over the weekend in Glasgow, spoke to one of the  sales guys who informed me that they had no 32GB models in stock, but could get one for Monday morning. I took this to be “Karma” telling me, DO NOT BUY THIS! so when I got over the weekend, and Monday came, I ventured into Glasgow city centre with my wife to get some shopping done. I discussed the phone and my feelings about it, and twice went by the 3 store, but could not justify actually purchasing the iPhone 4.

Women tend to get fed up with men very quickly, and I was soon told to go and buy the iPhone and actually buy something I really wanted, as after all, I work damn hard for everything I get! With that sort of justification, I plunged into the store and made my way to the sales people.

About 30 minutes later, £189.00 lighter, and £30.00 a month poorer, I left the 3 store with a brand new iPhone 4 32GB, and wandered around the city centre the rest of the day, racked with guilt, feeling sick, and just arguing with myself why on earth I had done this! Funny how you can get what you want but punish yourself so much over it! I know, I know, I’m just weird!!! LOL!

On returning home, I made a decision to do another one of my silly unboxing video’s, but left the phone untouched in its box till around 6:30pm that night, as I just had to think things over and really make sure and convince myself that I was happy to keep the phone! Needless to say, I did the video and am slowly getting to grips with the phone, and all I can say is that once again, the “Apple Experience” really is quite incredible!

There are the Apple haters out there that I can already see gnashing their teeth, screaming that I have sold out once again, I suck the cool aid, and other such infantile and pathetic statements, when in fact the truth is that they too would probably love to have one of these devices, but their inability to have once, just means that it’s easier to have a go at people in general who did make the purchase of this fantastic product.

I now have the iPhone 4 linked into my Exchange Server, all my email comes in perfectly, WiFi connectivity at home was up and running in a mater of seconds, all contacts and the like are now synced up, and I have even ordered up my FREE BUMPER to cure the signal problem that the iPhone 4 suffers from….. yes, that’s right you read that correctly! The iPhone 4 has a problem with signal strength, but not everyone suffers from it, and it’s certainly not enough of a problem at the moment to NOT BUY the phone itself!

Now, I’m not stupid (ok I am to Apple haters) and I know I am having the honeymoon period of the phone at the moment, so it’s still got to start failing on me before I can start to comment on the bad side of having it. Until such times I am going to enjoy every moment of having this phone, and already one friend has seen it, and already you can see that he is now giving serious thought to buy one for himself!

Now, my wife’s phone is out of contract, and I did say to her about getting an iPhone 4, but she reckons it’s too much for her, and she is happy with what she has at the moment. The thing is, I could not get the phone off her last night as she sat and played with brain games, and Sudoku puzzles and a variety of other daft things, so you just know what is going to happen…. watch this space!

So, is the iPhone 4 for you? That all depends on your needs, want’s and cash that you have available to spend, but I’d suggest that you go to a local phone store or Apple store and have a feel and play around with this device and I think you too will appreciate just how nice the phone really is, and above all else, ignore the haters out there… they would grab one of these phone’s in a second if they could!


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