The Danger of the iPhone!!

Having recently purchased a new iPhone 4, I am now into my third week of ownership, and am slowly coming to grips with the IOS interface, and how to quickly jump around the various applications and web sites.

As confidence has grown, and many FREE APPS downloaded and tried out, the “iAd” has started to rear its head in such a way that as soon as I see one of these “iAds” pop up in a very annoying place, I make an instant note NEVER TO PURCHASE the application in question, simply because I feel that if the creators produce something so irritating to take my mind off the actual product itself, then clearly they are trying to ether hides something or just like to annoy the end-user! So NO CASH FROM ME PEOPLE!

But, when I have downloaded some trial APPS, or read reviews on material that looks good, and seen that the cost is ONLY 59p (under 60 pence!) I have no hesitation of clicking INSTALL and Apple rings up another sale, and another and another and another…. but when I took some time to step back and work out what I had bought, I was pretty taken aback!!!! Over £30.00 spent on great applications with no sense of financial loss, no sense of regret, no feelings of worry, that is until the credit card statement comes in and I see what else I have been buying!!!

The Danger of the iPhone is that it is so addictive, and so easy to download apps and play around with things that the phone side itself is in fact  secondary to everything, in fact the dam phone is getting in the way!!!!

Once you have an iPhone, and ignore all the people who whine and complain about it, you realise that what you have in your hands is an incredible piece of technology, certainly at a price, but sometimes you just have to accept that great things come at great cost sometimes, and it’s one of the reasons I believe the new iPod Touch will sell an incredible amount of units, and deservedly so! In fact, even though I have a new iPhone 4, I’m going to pick up a new iPod Touch 32GB for my wife, so that she too can enjoy the “Apple Experience” at home!


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