I work with PC’s so why don’t I write about them?

As the title says, I work with PC’s daily for a living, yet I find it so difficult to write anything interesting about them since all I tend to deal with is problems after problems from the end users.

When all you do is deal with problems, then it becomes difficult to write anything positive, and since negative writing is so easy to do, and so predictable as an online activity, I tend to avoid doing it where I can!

Now, if I tell you that Windows 7 is an impressive operating system when installed on decent hardware, and will run all your programs and protect you a lot better than Windows XP ever could, then to be honest that’s about all I can really think of writing about the operating system.

There are some good FREE antivirus products, out there from Microsoft and others, and these will protect you quite well as long as you follow simple rules about not opening or running anything you don’t know what it is, or where it came from. Simple advice, and ignored by so many!

Now, if we move over to the likes of Small Business Server 2003 and 2008, then we enter a new field that I still find very exciting, but it’s changing in a way that I don’t like if the truth were told.

Small Business Server 2003 to me was and still is, a fantastic operating system rich in features and functionality. The system is pretty easy to manage and maintain, and tweaking is all easy to do as needed. Windows Small Business Server 2008 came along and offered us a 64-bit operating system, but then they hide so much of the tweaking and real need to use administration tools behind text entry and scripts, that they are doing a backward step for ease of use and maintenance, yet by now we should have a streamlined easy to manage system, but unfortunately we do not!

But, ignoring the small whine there, what you get with these operating systems is pretty incredible for the money. The ability to manage and protect you company network and data with ease. Provide remote functionality to your staff for email and desktop working. Ease of use for email configuration and linking in with iPhone or Blackberry devices etc, and the ability to have updates monitored and controlled centrally now so that you can take control on what actually gets deployed on your network.

I have to be honest here and say that the one thing I do like, but do not dabble in is the inbuilt Intranet running on IIS. This really is a great way of organising things in your business for staff etc, but for me it’s not something that I can get my head around, so tend to avoid it where possible. From the backup up of the data and the restoring of the data, I am at a loss where to start, and I know I could look around and try to find information about this side, but I’m really not interested!

It would be great to have contact with other people who use SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 on a daily basis and discuss matters experienced with these platforms, but somehow I never seem to find anyone around willing to share their skills and advice…

Maybe it’s a smaller community that I think it is… but who knows!

Maybe it’s a case of being with something for so long, you don’t appreciate it as you used to, or maybe it’s a case that the changes being implemented now are becoming tiring, and some of us just want to use our software and hardware and not spend all the time trying to fix it! Either way, I find other things more interesting to write about, even though I do know that what we now have here in front of us is incredible…


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  1. We got forums at http://www.sbsforum.info

    We got listserves at sbs2k@yahoogroups.com

    We got people that use SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 all the time and would love to hop on board and chat about it!

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