Tired of Windows PC Malware and Virus Issues…


The last two days have been an absolute pain in the backside due to sorting out not one, not two, not three but four Windows PC’s that either will not boot up, are infected with Malware and Virus files, one with a corrupted hard drive and the last one just acting dead with no apparent reason other than just feeling like it!!!!

Now, the data side and all of the other stuff, I am not fussed about, it’s all backed up and easy to restore, but what is really getting to me is the fact that the two main machines I am dealing with are not one’s that I supplied to the client. I am put into a position of taking the required measures of sorting them out, as the people who supplied them are not willing to even look at them, as they are regarding it as a software issue! After examining these systems I knew I too wanted nothing to do with them as I just knew this was going to be a lot of work, many hours spent getting them taken away, backed up, cleaned, restored and then returned and installed again.

As expected, when I visited them they had no Virus protection, not even a free one, though someone did attempt to install an old version of Norton Antivirus, but when the last update was October 2009, somehow I knew this would not have helped them out very much! So the HP machine was so infected with Trojans and goodness knows what else, that the only option was to backup the data, wipe it and then restore it all back…. but it’s such a slow process, made more annoying when the clients ask…. “HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?” “WHO DONE IT?” and other such idiotic statements and questions, that by now, should never be asked by anyone, not even a child in jest!!!!

It’s day’s like this that I sit in front of my Windows 7 PC and my iMac thinking, well, I’m making a lot of money from people being stupid, but I do not like that thought as this sort of thing really should not be happening these days, but as anyone in the business will tell you, it’s actually getting worse!

We really do need some sort of secret task force that can trace the release of these infections back to source(s) and being blunt, take these people out permanently, so that another waste of space can stop inflicting so much misery on the computer world!

The biggest bugbear though is the time it takes to get everything back up and running again, and you can almost guarantee that the phone will ring, with the client on the other end, ready with the question of, “When will the computer be ready?” This translates to, “I need it back straight away as I cannot live without it, please tell me that it’s going to come back the same day!”

With the amount of bitching that some people do about Microsoft’s operating systems, the simple fact is that they are very good, are very affordable but the idiots out there are making everything into a misery for us all, just to prove a point. Sure I make money (at times) from this sort of work, but I would rather NOT have to do any of this type of stuff as it’s a waste of time for everyone!

I dread to think though if/when Apple’s operating system (currently Snow Leopard with Lion on the Horizon as well) suddenly get targeted, and then get a major Virus and Malware infestation. Why? Because most of the Apple users have allowed themselves to become complacent, and believe that they are immune to all of these “PC PROBLEMS”. The day will come though when someone does decide to move their Virus/Malware talents across to the Apple camp, and for the likes of me, that just means double the trouble, though with the potential with double earnings as well!

And yes, I am a Mac and I am a PC, I am… and that’s enough for the world at this moment!


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  1. you should try the LINUX system. 🙂

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