Serves Me Right! But Thankfully I Covered Myself!!

Do you ever have one of those days when you become fed up doing things on computers, and think bout messing around with things that you know you really should not, but you just feel compelled to do?

Well today was one of those days with the iMac here. I’m writing this out on my Windows 7 system as I managed to screw-up the hard drive completely and am now in the process of re-installing Snow Leopard and then “touch wood” a backup from one of my external hard dives.

This was all down to me reading up about defragging on the PC and the iMac and how the iMac does not need defragging! Me, being me, wants proof of this, so I searched around and found a couple of utilities that are supposed to check the status of the iMac hard drive and report on it. Needless to say, they found that my hard drive was around 40% fragmented and I should see about running their utility to sort this out!

Well, the old saying of “If everything is working ok, leave it alone” comes to mind, as near the end of the supposed de-fragmentation routine, an error message appeared and then the iMac would only want to start booting from Ethernet!

I went through all of the drive repair options, scans and god knows what else, and even thought about calling up Apple for support since I am paying for it… But deep down I knew that the only option would be to flatten the system and bring it back up again, so that’s what I am doing as I write this up!

Now, people bitch about the PC being slow at installing, but I have to say that the iMac “Snow Leopard” installation is incredibly slow!!! I can get Windows 7 up and running fully in 20 minutes from scratch, and this so-far reckons about another 30 minutes is to go, and that’s AFTER 20 minutes of waiting around for something to appear as though it’s doing something!! ARGH!!!

So, the lesson here people is this. When you get fed up with the computer, and are short of things to do… Just go outside, go and watch TV, go and stick match sticks under your toenails, just go and do anything other than start to tinker with your computer system, as you know what will happen….. and I know who the heck you will call to sort it out!!! But if you have to do this, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL BACKUP OF YOUR DATA!!! If you don’t then you are on a mission to PAIN!

OUTCOME: The operating system installed fine and after that, it prompted me for the backup I may have around….. the worst part being the amount of time the operating system took to calculate the sizes of the backup folders! Needless to say I just clicked on restore them all and then sat back and fell asleep waiting for the data to transfer over…. it reckoned that the restoring should take around 1 hour 24 minutes… and rather than drop down… seemed to want to keep going up in time!!! It’s clear to me tha the iMac uses “Microsoft Time” to gauge its time-scale for doing things….. Thank goodness for having multiple PC’s to get work done on I say!!


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  1. Oh G you having the same sunday i am lmao. Doin a reinstall of 7 from scratch as i have acronis images from the past year which would be a quicker way to install but by the time you uninstall etc thought it was about time i had a fresh image to restore from with all the current programs i use.

    Ok now back to beer and when i can be arsed Sunday roast 🙂

  2. Yes you are a twat .You should know better .
    My Moto is learn from your mistakes .

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