I See iPhone 4 You!

It’s incredible just how much stuff you download on to an iPhone once you realise that you cannot be bothered using it as a phone! Social application, music, photograph elated and stacks of other material… all downloaded at 59p or above and all adding more value to the item in hand!

I use an ordinary Sony Ericsson for all my business calls, and use the iPhone for personal and out of hours calls that are given to limited people. When you work day in and day out and the phone means a problem to be sorted, you need to have some sort of control of having a nice phone call at times!

As you can see on the shot above, I even have access to my Bank Account through the iPhone, something that I am still a bit wary about, since I am paranoid about banking at the best of times on a PC (hence I only use the iMac for the Bank here) but the range of applications that are available for this phone is incredible.

Now that all the new phones from other companies are being released the “Tech Press” of course are just waiting for Apple’s iPhone to lose sales and potential drop down the ranking, and they are desperate for IOS to be hammered by Windows 7, Android, etc. I have to say that I love the whole look and feel of IOS and have not used any other phone of this type except for the Blackberry range that I detest with every fibre in my body!

I think this is a great time for everyone to have a choice on new phones, new operating systems and dropping prices except Apple of course) and this constant “Slagging Off” is really becoming so tiring and childish, that I just wish people would buy what they like, use it, and put a sock in it! You are not going to be making many calls anyway, so get the phone that has all the apps you want to play with and be happy with what you purchased… I know I am!


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