A Late Night Reflection…


So I ordered up a new Logitech C910 Web Camera and after having it in its box for a few days, I did the usual unboxing video (still to be uploaded and worked on) and then proceeded to install it onto my iMac. Everything seemed to be OK, but very quickly the speed of the iMac began to drop incredibly fast, and even when I restarted the machine it took around 6 minutes for it to restart and load all the usual applications!

So, I removed the software, removed the camera and I’m left with an iMac that still takes around 5 minutes to load, even after doing all the repairs and goodness know what else you do to fix a Mac, but the bottom line is that I’m going to flatten the iMac tomorrow once I backup all my data, and re-install fresh.

So I decided to install the Logitech C910 onto my Windows 7 system here, and after the initial installation was done, the whole system ran as though treacle was running through every fibre of the system! A reboot, and a software update later the PC is now operational, but still seems to have some speed issues, but these will be examined tomorrow as I attempt to do a LIVE STREAMING of the iMac getting wiped and redone using the Logitech C910 as the camera!

We have the potential here for some gripping boredom of a new scale! But it will be an interesting test for me as it covers a whole range of things new to me, and will be a learning experience all around!

Touch wood after the iMac is done fresh, the speed will be back once more!!!


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  1. pity,..it had some prospects

    might be best going back to the mac camera and some brighter lights in the room?


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