We have a Yeti In The House!

While I still debate on the route I am going to take on replacing my PC hardware here, I have also been looking into improving the quality of audio presentations that I do while doing YouTube video’s or just general Skype calls.

The standard microphone that is inside the iMac and the microphone that is inside the Logitech C910 web camera that I use are ok for what they do, but clearer and less distorted audio is something I felt I had to sort out, but I was not too sure on the right way to go about this.

I did know that I was only doing this sort of thing now and again, so the idea of a mixing desk and the like was ruled out straight away, though a lot of that train of thought was also down to how complicated it all appeared to be to me! So, scouring the Internet and reading as many reviews as I could, I decided that the best device for me would be the “Blue Yeti USB Microphone”. It appeared to offer all the functionality that I would ever need, and at a later date if I needed something better,  I’m sure I could re-sell it for a reasonable price.

I decided to buy the microphone from Amazon.co.uk as they had it in stock, could deliver it next day and for just under £100.00 felt that it was a reasonable price to pay for something that appeared to be well reviewed by everyone and every site I had visited.

So, Saturday morning 15/1/11 at 10:00am and the beast arrives!

I then decide to do an unboxing video of the event that you can view * HERE * and after that, I plugged the device into my iMac and it found is immediately! I followed the instructions for setting up the audio input and output, but found that I could not hear anything through the headphones I had plugged into the Yet. I checked, and then double checked the settings, but nothing would come through. So, I did a reset of the iMac and brought it all back up again, only to discover that the iMac could not even detect the Yeti any more! Doing some quick searches online for technical support, I removed all attached USB devices on the iMac and started the system again, but the Yeti was no longer being detected.

So, ignoring the iMac, I moved across to the Windows 7 PC here, plugged the Yet in and proceeded to get a message telling me that an unknown device was attached! No amount of re-inserting would make any difference here, the yet was in fact DEAD by all accounts!

Now I did video a small sticker on the bottom of the yeti box that indicated that this was a NEW device, and to be honest, the box was extremely dusty as well, so based on what has happened I just have the feeling that this model has been a refurbished/repaired device and I suppose it should have just work, but with the luck I seem to have, that was not the case!

Maybe this is the “Tech God” telling me to either go the Switcher Route or not to bother with a Microphone at all, but either way, at least I have arranged to get a full refund on the device from Amazon and will use the time to ponder and reflect on the next route open to me.


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  1. After you get your Yeti, use it, and review it…take a look at my review (http://blog.techtalkradio.com/?p=433)…and then let’s compare notes and experiences. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts…

    • Hi Slick, if you watch my movie of the un-boxing (link in the review) you will see that I had the misfortune of having a duff unit!
      I am now trying to find a UK supplier who will supply me a mixer now, with microphone etc etc so that I can get better control of the mic I eventually get!
      I like your review style by the way, maybe that’s why I like you on Steve’s “The Techbuzz Show” so much!

      Handbags at 40 paces ladies!

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