Ever since I purchased an iMac, the world of creating movies and being able to upload them to YouTube has been a regular occurrence for me. For some reason I never bothered much with uploading video on the PC side of things, simply because I had to work out what was the bet application to use, best screen size etc, but the iMac with iMovie just worked out of the box, and I have stuck with it ever since.

The downside to this ability for some people is that I took the route of releasing a series of unboxing video’s, mainly as a bit of fun, and for something to do with my time, but they really seem to annoy or bore people to a degree that they have to contact me and tell me how I am wasting my time, and how boring they are to watch!

While any feedback is appreciated on any work I release to the masses online, I like to have criticism presented in a way that I can think it over and learn from any potential mistakes that I may have made. The complainers, when asked about the work that they have released, dry up at that point and tell me that either they are too busy to release anything of their own, don’t waste their time in creating silly movies, nor do they waste time writing blogs or twitter texts as it’s all stupid and a complete waste of their time.

So, I sit back, take all of this onboard, but think to myself… They have no time to create, no time to participate, but clearly have a lot of time to sit and watch, read and then complain about something they have taken the time to observe themselves! So maybe if they actually took the time to create material that IS INTERESTING, then people like myself could learnt the right way to create interesting and informative material to share online, rather than annoy and bore the people out there.

As an example, the weird craze of “Unboxing Video’s” is something that I never could understand myself initially until I realised that there are a lot of people out there who would like to buy a product, but wan’t to see the way the contents are before they buy it, or the other people who would like to buy the product but cannot afford it, so like to share the delight and the experience of someone else who has been able to buy the item in question.

Sounds weird does it not? But I find now that if I am in the market to buy a product I too look at YouTube to see what experiences other people have had, and then try to follow that up with other material of people using the goods at a later time. And it can be very rewarding, informative and at times funny! But the boring material (to me) I at least give a major thumbs up for effort and at least creating something, no matter what I think.

For me, creating the stuff that I do is done for one person… ME! I do it to learn, to see how bad I really sound when recorded, and take on board just how good the work out there is when compared to my own offerings. Being able to combine audio and video in a manner that is a pleasant experience really is a gift, but you can only get better at it be doing it yourself! So that’s one of the main reason’s that I will continue to record and write so that I can progress in learning new skills.

There are too many people out there who think they are better than other people, for whatever reason they believe in. These same people are usually the ones who bitch, snipe and create a pool of negativity around other people in the real world. These people when in your company, are tiring, drain the life-force out of any occasion, and usually have no long-term real friends in the world, and their online experiences are usually pretty much the same. So their cycle of bitching, complaining and Trolling continues, showing the world just how sad and pathetic an existence they really have, but in their own mind, they are something special…

So the next time you have someone go on the attack against you about anything you have created follow these simple rules:

  1. Ask for details on why the person concerned has become upset about your work, or why they feel they need to be so negative about the work you have created.
  2. Ask them for advise on how to improve the work you have released, so that future work can be made better to their exacting standards.
  3. Ask them for a list of the work they have created so that you can learn from their vast experience of creativity.
  4. Ask them for information on how they can help you create better material, as clearly they have a better idea on what is good and what is bad.
  5. Lastly, do not get worked up about what anyone writes about anything you create. Comments such as YOU SUCK, DIE, DROP DEAD, YOUR VIDEO IS CRAP, I KNOW YOUR SISTER, IS THAT REALLY A MARSHMALLOW ON YOUR BED, should just be ignored as the people who leave comments like that are still in nursery school and their education is still at a level where they are around their brother or sister while they are online and these poor kids are only picking up the sad habits of their more “educated” family members.

Be happy knowing that by releasing something into the world, you have created another scale that will tip forwards and backwards depending on who views it, and no matter what way it goes, at least you did it, and nobody can take that away from you.


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