LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN… well for the first time actually!

I’m going to get this out in the open, get it out-of-the-way and no longer hide the fact that even though I warn everyone to backup their data all the time, I am a lazy swine when it comes to the “home side” of things for backing up data.

The business side is a different matter, with daily backups done, reports checked for issues, and anything that appears worrying, dealt with straight away!

But, for the iMac equipment that I do use for work purposes, but non-essential stuff, I have been very lazy in backing up stuff that I know I should, but recently with my wife now using a MacBook Pro to assist her in completing her HNC course, I realised that she could not be trusted to backup all of her stuff, and I cannot get near her MBP to check things over, so something had to be done!

The logical choice for me was to get the Apple Time Capsule 2TB model, a device that I could set up easily and then connect in all of the Mac equipment here to backup itself, with next to no user intervention required!

So that’s what I did, and if you are curious you can watch the unboxing video of this device over at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE8K8QvgrAY

I have to say that the weight of the device was the first thing that got to me, and after using it for a while, the next thing was the extreme heat that come from the unit itself. My wooden floor is very hot to touch when I have the unit on this directly, so I have had to add a small set of runners underneath it to raise it up off the floor so that there is better airflow around it. These runners are in fact the Crucial Memory packaging sleeves that are absolutely perfect for this job!

Apart from that though, the unit was simple to set up, once I decided to link it into my current network via CAT5 and use my current ADSL wireless router for the MBP’s to connect wirelessly. I found that when I was using the Time Capsule unit wirelessly, my Internet connection would drop off quite regularly, and I can only assume that this was down to the amount of wireless data being transferred across, and somehow the system was getting bogged down and rebooting things. But, this configuration I am using now is working 100% of the time, rock solid and so far no issues are being reported.

The first backup to be done did take a few days to complete as I was hitting it from every angle, but once I forgot about the unit, and went back to it after a week, I found that it has all of the Mac computer data backed up, nice and safe!

An interesting thing I found from some people when they found I had bought this device was how they reacted to the news. I was told that I had bough something at a rip-off price, how I could have bought another product cheaper etc. yet “typically” these sort of people fail to understand the following things which are:

1)   I am well aware that the price is high, and that there are cheaper things out there that I could have used. Everything Apple related is overpriced, so already having a Mac and saying this to me is rather weird to say the least!

2)   The reason I paid the inflated price for the device is that it just links in and works seamlessly with the Apple equipment I have, no brain power from other users is required and it JUST WORKS. This alone is worth the cost to me, to have no hassle, no setup issue and it just works.

3)   I am then told about reports of how these units fail, and how these people would not trust their data to this device, really does leave me scratching my head a bit. Firstly, they do not have the device, they have never used the device, they are basing their view on reviews that other people have written online (and I too have read these and worked out who the drama queens are, who the unlucky people are and who have just had bad luck!) so I am expected to listen to their words of advice and made to feel that I have somehow bought a potentially defective device? Can I at least give the device the opportunity to function for a while, stress test it, evaluate it before I have to post online just how right they have been and how crap this overpriced device has been? Some people!

4)   People have told me that “they” would not pay this amount of money for just a wireless hard drive…. Can I point them back to points 1 & 2.

Isn’t it sad that a product that I have spent considerable time researching (and it is old in Apple time) and then purchasing, and now using, seems to have solved all of the points I wanted to deal with… is attacked, and treated as though it should have just been left on the shelf at the Apple store?

But bottom line, this unit may fail like all technology fails, and I’ll deal with that as it happens, but I’m certainly not going to stay awake all the time worrying.

If you only have a single Mac, or maybe a couple of devices, then the cheaper option would be to go for external USB/Firewire hard drives. But then the units need to be attached and the backups run manually, unless you leave them plugged in all the time… sounds like we should start reading this from the beginning again!

Once again, I have a product that I think is very good, pricey, and any defects experienced will be reported, if any happen. As it is, I am more than delighted with this backup solution, no matter what anyone else thinks, and at the end of the day for any purchase that anyone makes… that’s all that matters!


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  1. I’ve always been impressed with Apple products. I do not believe they are over-priced.

    Yes, I would hesitate to buy the Time Capsule over the AEBS (it doesn’t have the hard drive.) I’m not sure that I have any valid reason for that decision. I tend to mistrust “all-in-one” devices.

    I’d likely want a backup drive larger than 2 TB. My multimedia alone consumes 1 TB. Then I would likely consume another 1 TB or more with all my YouTube movies and projects.

    • Well I clearly like the Apple products as I have invested a considerable amount of money into them, but my view is that they are overprice based on the hardware specifications, but what you do get for the money is a complete solution and an experience that cannot be be described… it has to be experienced!

      The iMac is an all in one device really…. unless I’m missing something! LOL!

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