THE END OF THE ROAD… iMac i7 comes at a price…

I’m at a very interesting point in my technology purchasing after buying the latest Apple 2011 i7 iMac . Why? Well, as far as I can see, there is no need for me to purchase any other iMac for some considerable time, nor do I see any real need to purchase any new Windows PC components, as my current PC does all that I ask of it.

But… my current 24” iMac still did everything I need, so why on earth would I spend such a considerable amount of money on something that really offers me nothing more than the ability to get things done slightly faster?

Well, that like any tech purchase is hard to explain, but I want more screen area to work with, plus I want to be able to work with video faster, and I also want to have what I consider to be the best hardware that I am willing to spend money on at the moment… now…. And sit back and take a break from the technology race.

With this sort of power at my disposal, at the moment I cannot see there being anything else I need to do what it is I do with computers, but the temptation of having the latest and greatest always tends to rear its head, but where else is there to go now with the iMac range?

So the new iMac i7 has arrived, been unboxed and I am in the process of re-installing all my software fresh rather than using time machine backups. I suppose the legacy of my PC years has made me work that way, but it’s also therapeutic in a way.

The first thing I am aware of over my previous 24” iMac is that the internal hard drive is audible, whereas the drive in my previous iMac was pretty silent. There is also more of a vibration felt on the desk that I have my equipment sitting on, but this is nit picking more than anything else.

The overall speed of the new system was initially disappointing I’d say. Certainly thing felt a little more slick, but for the difference in cost, I was starting to regret the purchase! It was only when I started to push the machine that the change really did become clear. I decided to test HANDBRAKE and rip a DVD movie for display on my Apple TV2. The i7 system ripped the movie in 30 minutes, and I sat there thinking this should be faster, but when I decided to test the same movie on the dual-core iMac it took, nearly two hours to do! GULP!

Needless to say that the rest of the time spent initially on the new system was downloading and running benchmark software to re-affirm that the purchase was worth it, the performance justified the cost…. But still, I’m now finished installing all of the software I use on a daily basis, and I have to say that the new system just feels great!

Would I advise other people who have a dual-core iMac to upgrade to the new i7 beast? The answer would be yes, but probably no! That’s right, I said NO!

Unless you really need the power to rip movies, generate video quickly and the likes, then what you currently have is doing all that you need, though slowly ONLY if you compare it to the likes of this i7 machine. If you are happy with the equipment you have, stay happy and save some money and continue to use the equipment you have and wait till 2012 as I think we may start to see something really worthwhile coming along and making us all drool.

As it is, I am happy with the new system, I know it’s going to be with me for three years at least, so I know that in that time I will not be splashing out another few thousand pounds on new technology… but with technology… you just never know what is around the corner to tempt you to get into more debt!

If you have any questions about this system, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll answer them as honestly as I can, and if you want any particular tests done, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.


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    • Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.
      Bottom line, no matter what I buy, I try to be honest about it as best as I can, with any negatives explained as best I can!

  1. Gordon, that was a well-written blog post. You covered all the concerns nicely.

    You and I know there are at least two considerations when it comes to tech: Practicality and Techno-Lust!

    I am a power user. I would greatly benefit from an upgrade to the i7. I make countless YouTube videos etc.

    I also have Techno Lust. I want the latest and greatest. I want it all and I want it now.

    Enjoy your new iMac. And keep on writing.

    • Thanks Ron!
      As you say, you produce a lot of video work, and the speed of the i7 would cut your rendering times down dramatically.
      But as I pointed out, that comes at a price, and if you have the luxury of time to wait for stuff to be done, then I’d certainly be waiting till next year before I spent any serious cash on a piece of high-end Mac equipment.

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