Operating System Security? Who Cares!!

We have Apple about to release their latest operating system “Lion” very soon, and we also have Microsoft starting to throw out the hype about Windows 8. Both of these operating systems all appear to focus on the main GUI and how easy it will be to operate and of course, how pretty it all looks.

For me, while appreciating these new operating systems, I cannot understand why Microsoft and sadly now, Apple don’t focus more attention into making their operating systems more secure for daily usage, rather than focussing on triviality such as the way their operating systems look and feel.

I can already hear the gnashing of teeth from some people as they start ranting about how we cannot make any operating system completely secure, and what I am writing is complete nonsense, as it’s something that cannot be done…

Sorry to say, it’s that same tired attitude that really hacks me off. If decent coders, and people with vision could get Microsoft and Apple to listen to them, then maybe we might see a chance of there being a major change in operating system security, something that we desperately need now more than ever.

When you have to conform to a company programming structure, then the chance for creativity and the chance for revolutionary techniques don’t have the same chance to evolve, unless of course my own ignorance in these matters is being shown somewhat.

Are the negative people out there being serious when they say that there is nothing that can be done to make the current operating systems more secure? If that were the case, then I would hope there would be at least one single person out there with real vision and talent who could turn around and put these people in their place, and put themselves onto the map as being the person who changed the face of securing operating systems in the world.

And here is the problem… Where is this person?

Maybe there really is nobody out there at all who has any real progressive and revolutionary ideas on how to create a more secure operating system, and maybe the negative people out there are right, and I am delusional?

If that is the case, are we really now just expected to see Microsoft and Apple release new operating systems with nothing more than a fancy look and a new version number? Seriously? Is that it? You are willing to just accept that?

If that is the case then sadly things really can only get worse, and complete apathy rules the world of operating systems…

Unless of course… you know better?

Have a read at THIS very interesting post and I think this shows you what I mean regarding the company culture that exists. You may think you have coding freedom, when in fact it does appear to be an illusion.

Oh look! What a nice icon! What a nice desktop background….



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