DON’T WORRY…. BE HAPPY! (at a price…)



Why on earth do people get so worked up about an advert of television, more so one from Apple? The point of any advert is to push a brand across to the general public, and tell them that this product is the best product, and all the other products are inferior. So you must buy theirs!

Heck, pity the poor women who are subjected daily on television with skin care products that claim to make them look younger, when in fact everyone knows they do not, even the people who buy the stuff know they do not, but they buy into the product because of what the advertisers do, and do very well… they are selling an illusion that says we wants it and need it, when in fact the reality is completely the opposite.

Most people can live without an Apple product of any kind, and the same goes for any Microsoft software solution or hardware that is used to run it on. It’s products like these that we are manipulated into buying, more so as they are interesting, entertaining and of course, got to be affordable…

Like everything in the world of technology advertising, you have to offer an entry-level product and of course offer the ultimate/premium product that the more cash rich person will wish to have. The consumer gets drawn into buying the affordable item, but deep down most people would like to have the premium product, but cash will always be the deciding factor on what they end up with.

How many car adverts do you watch on television and you drool over the car shown on TV, They show you the cheap price for buying this car, but in ultra small print they point out that the car on the screen advertising the product costs about another £10,000 to buy, and when you see the car at the promoted price, it usually looks like the inside of an empty match box!

Apple has taken the approach with technology as has the likes of Bang & Olufsen has with audio, and decided to bypass the lower end of the market and only focus on consumers who have money available to spend on a premium product.  They do not need to show a cheap price to entice you in; the entry-level is usually beyond the average consumers price reach anyway, and the same goes for the likes of Bang & Olufsen as well, that’s just the way these brands are!

Most of the people who bitch and complain loudly about the likes of Apple, and other brands that charge a premium price for products that can be obtained at a cheaper price, are usually the very same ones who deep down would love to have these products, but either cannot afford to buy them, refuse to buy them on principle, or just live in hope that they will win or be given the products for nothing., and if that was to happen, their tune would probably change.

Just accept the fact that there are products out there that some of us can afford, and that others cannot, and even though you feel that you are in the right on what is good or bad technology wise. Why not allow people to make their own mistakes or experience their own delights and allow your blood pressure a moment to rest, your spleen to heal and your venom to dilute a little and maybe take the time of rest to worry about more important things in life.


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  1. I laugh at people who say Apple Computers are too expensive, restrictive, etc.

    Apple products Just Work, and do the job well.

    On the other hand, PCs with MS Windows might work if you’re lucky. But in the meantime, have fun trying to tell Windows what parts the computer has, and putting up with all the other Windows nonsense.

    It’s The Apple Way for Me.

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