Upgrading my iPhone4’s to IOS5 along with the rest of the world, I have really liked the various changes that have been added, and I think Apple has improved an already superb OS just enough to make most of us happy.

Now all the excitement has died down a bit away, I’ve had to take a long hard look at the way I am starting to use my iPhone4 and my new iPhone4s.

Previously, I have used my iPhone4 mainly for email and general messing around, while my business related calls and contacts have all sat in a normal Sony Ericsson phone. This was done due to contracts I had in place, but now that I have upgraded to the iPhone4s I was a bit worried about how it would all work for me in my day-to-day business.

With being made available at the same time as IOS5, I visited it and flicked around with it for a few minutes and then dismissed it as of no real use to me. I went back to messing around with the iPhone4s and tried to arrange things into a working order for myself.

I transferred my contacts from Outlook into my address book on the iMac, and once I enabled the iCloud feature, everything transferred across to iCloud, and in turn on my iPhone4s, seamlessly! It just worked! On my MacBook Pro, same thing, all the contacts are there, the diary information is there, JUST LIKE THAT!

Now, you may be like me (initially), and maybe went “Pffftttt” there, snorted and thought, “What a load of crap”. But until you actually take on board, what is happening here, and really think about it, the new way of storing contacts and diary features really is pretty impressive… and simple!

When I am in the field working, I take photographs of various jobs as a reference on my iPhone, and previously I had to come back and connect the iPhone up, sync with iPhoto and then start to check the images out… whereas now they are all sitting there ready for me to view as soon as I sit down to the 27” iMac… how? The images transfer via WiFi and are there all ready for me by the time I sit down and need to do more work.

What it means for me now is that when I am out and about, I can update my contacts on my iPhone, sit at any PC and update contacts and their information, and no matter what piece of kit I sit a front of when I get back in, all of that data is there, so no need to worry any more about linking up different computer/tech components through the day!

Also, if I decide to go out and buy the likes of an iPad, I know that as soon as I link it up to iCloud, all my stuff is there and I am ready to get on with other things in a matter of minutes!!!

I’m not wearing Rose Tinted Glasses, and I am not a fanboy (honestly), but with Apple’s track record on their previous cloud ventures, it will of course take a bit of time before people can actually start to trust all of this 100%, as it all just seems too good to be true. And usually the old adage is pretty accurate when it comes to technology…. but I’m (at the moment) extremely happy with the way everything is connected and the way it’s running.

And this more than anything else is why people get excited about Apple products. They just link in and work, and there is very little brain power needed by the end-user to get things all set up!

So, to all the other brand phone users out there, I’d like to know what their systems are like for setting up and configuring, and what they think are the negative things about the whole Apple connectivity!


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