New iPad – Is it really what I need?

Today was the day that the world could relax, well, most of it, as Apple released the new iPad to the slobbering hoards and anyone lucky enough have one would have been in a state of extreme bliss at being so lucky to have it in their hands.

Well, that’s not true, as there is one person who is not really excited, and in fact, is in a state of indecisiveness on whether to actually keep the new iPad he has! Yes, that person is me!!!

Ok, stop your spluttering and put away all the sharp object you have at hand to sort me out and let me tell you how the day has went.

I never owned the other two iPad devices as I never felt they had a use for my social and business needs. With the new iPad specifications announced, and screen shots shown, I got that tingle that told me…. Be careful, you want it, you desire it, but do you really need it or have a serious use for it! Needless to say, blind “I WANT IT” took over sanity and I then sat back and waited for it to arrive.

Now, here’s a thing. Why is it that you can order a product up from a company, but they will only deliver during the day when most of us are working? Even asking for  Saturday delivery from some companies usually becomes a nightmare with the stuff never arriving… So surely some firm needs to think of evening deliveries for products and charge and even charge an extra tenner for the inconvenience.

Sorry, I’m moving away from the iPad, so anyway, Friday the 16th was the delivery date for my new iPad, and of course, being self-employed, if I am not out and about, I’m not earning money. So I had to make the choice of lose money or go and earn, so I took the tactic of get out in the morning fast, and get back as fast as I could as well!

Cutting a long story short… 4:30pm and the device was delivered!

I got the camera out, and started to create another exciting unboxing video of the new iPad 32GB, Black device. I have to say that there was no real sense of excitement over this unboxing, and my first impressions are that the device certainly looks nice, and feel nice, but will it really be any use to me on a daily basis?

Setting the device up took around 5 minutes and I have all my apps, contacts and photos etc. all in place. And then it was down to using the device and see how it performed.

Firstly, the device does feel very nice…. The screen is really REALLY nice, and all the apps I use on my iPhone4S are there, plus a few other iPad apps so I have all the general stuff I need. But, the niggle was still there about the device, and even as I am writing this on my MBP, and after having my wife trying it out, it’s nice, but there is something that is just niggling away at me…. And after a few hours, I can now put my finger on it…..

It really is a device solely for consumption, and the creative aspect of it is limited to very basic things such as tweeting, Facebook, and general non serious productivity.

Ok, I know it’s still early days yet, as I have yet to go out on the road with the device and see if I can seriously support customers remotely, and create the content I need for my daily business needs. Yet, I still have this feeling that it maybe not be the device I need for work, and my entertainment side can still be handled by my MBP.

My wife raised a very interesting point though, and here again it proves the points I raised above… She said the iPad would be handy when in the car (me driving of course) and handy if we went on holiday or a short break. Allowing us (her of course) to catch up on FaceBook, and various web sites…. Once again re-enforcing the feelings that I have that it’s just a non-serious device.

I have the device to try out and can of course return it to Apple within 14 days for a full refund if I still feel it’s not going to be the sort of thing I need. Time will tell, and hopefully it will be still with my after day 14… we will soon see.


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  1. I want to add that this story Mirror’s any Tablet and Netbook, they are the type of device that you desire for an unknown reason, you get one thinking you will use it to death and then after the novelty has worn off, it sits idle most of the time. I have i used my tablet (android) to watch a movie while waiting for somebody in the car, I have used it as a rather large Sat Nav and daily to check Twitter and such. I was not excited at all with the new iPad (I own the first gen) and cannot see myself rushing to get one anytime soon.

    • It’s refreshing to have some honesty about all of this nonsense. I’ve spent nearly £500.00 on a device, that may or may not be of use to me. The good thing though about Apple is that I have 14 days to see if their product will be suitable for me, and if I think it’s not, I get a full (NO QUESTIONS ASKED) refund. How many other companies will do that? That has to be another ting in their favour on what brand to buy.

  2. I bought my first tablet last fall to use in university. I asked some techie friends for recommendations because I couldn’t decide between the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. A couple of them highly recommended the Asus Transformer. I watched comparison reviews with the Galaxy and iPad 2 and was pleased to see Asus match or outperform both of them on pretty much every spec. Asus had just released their Slider model a few weeks before my purchase – which is basically the Transformer with a built-in keyboard. That’s the one I bought and I use it more than I thought I would. It’s the perfect thing for school because the screen tilts up and locks when the keyboard is open, and I love being able to put it down and type normally – not on the screen. The keyboard makes it entirely practical, although you can still type on the screen if you leave the keyboard closed. I use it at home, at church, and at school, and I get a lot of questions about it. Everyone who asks thinks it’s a great idea to have the keyboard integrated and not something extra you have to buy.

    Just thought I’d share my experience after Thomas’s comment about hardly using his tablet. 🙂

    • I guess it just shows you that we are all different in our needs for technology. If we take the fanboy element out of things, and the blinkered tech reviewers online out of the way as well, we end up with a collection of sensible people who can discuss the pro’s and con’s of the devices they went for, and appreciate the good and the bad as well.

    • Well Pam, it depends as Gordon says the needs of each user. I have around me various computers (27″ iMac, Core i7 Dell etc), I drive to work which takes all of 5-10 minutes and upon hitting work I have a Laptop with twin 22″ screens. In other words I am never far away from tech to do what I need, my phone (a windows 7 phone) can do as much as the tablet in as much as GPS, Twitter, websites and so forth. I see the tablet as a device from Star trek, they walk up, do the function as needed and place it back down, battery life is never an issue as they last for days without needing charging up.

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