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Aye think I’ve found some very nice Gear!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 16.12.14

Glasgow based company AyeGear has released the H12 Hoodie onto the market (November 12th 2012), aimed at the person who likes to carry a variety of goodies with them while traveling.

Rather than rush in to review the H12, I have spent a week with the garment on in a variety of situations, just to see how it felt, and what sort of reaction I got from other people if they noticed anything different about what I was wearing!

I ordered the H12 from the AyeGear web site at and after I had actually placed the order, I got an email a little later on to let me know that the goods had been shipped and when to expect them. A nice personal touch and very fast service!


The garment arrived the next day, well packaged. On taking the H12 out, the first thing that impressed me was the quality of the fabric itself. I have spent quite a while looking at the range of products on the AyeGear site, but was always unable to make up my mind about the actual fabric quality and texture, as a photograph can only show you show much. The H12 has a very luxurious feel to it, feels well made, and looks very stylish as well (80% Cotton/20% Polyester).

Now, I’m not your average hoodie person, and at 49 years old, maybe some would think I’m a little too old for this sort of garment. Actually… you would be wrong! The H12 fits well, and considering I have a few pounds I would like to shed, that has to be a bonus!

So, after putting it on, a man’s first port of call is where to stick his hands!


The two main side pockets are at the right level, and the right cut angle to get the hands in, and sit in a comfortable position. It’s an instinctive thing for guys! As soon as the hands go in, you find that in the right hand pocket there is a smaller pouch for coins and an elasticated strap for holding the likes of a small bottle of water or Irn Bru in place. But even better, and I missed this initially, just up a little higher in the pocket there is a small strap that you can clip a set of keys onto so that they are not lost! I don’t understand why this sort of strap is not a standard issue with guys clothing, as we always seem to lose our keys!

Slightly back from the right hand pocket there is a zipped pocket, that you can put in a pocket camera or anything else with these dimensions. The zip is a quality zip, and not the cheaper nasty ones that seem to jam on you after a single use. Top marks for that!

At the top right there is another zip, and opening that you can put in glasses, a phone, wallet etc… and then inside the top right there is a special pocket that holds your mobile phone or MP3 player, with a see through cover that allows you to touch the front panel of your device and change tracks, answer calls etc.


Now, for me and my body size, not faulting the garment at all here, I found that when I had my iPhone4S inside the right hand pocket, it was too tall for me to lock the device into the pocket with the Velcro tape, but that really isn’t a problem as the device is held in place very well.

My only problem with trying to use my iPhone4S in this pocket is that I could not turn the phone around and see the front very easily, and basically had to twist the pocket hard around and then get my glasses on to see the front of it, since it is so high up and close to the face!

Now, anyone younger, who has better eyesight will have no problems at all I reckon, but a degenerating body mass such as mine clearly had an issue with this, so I just keep the phone in my side pocket instead and there is no more issue to worry about!

On the left hand side pocket, you have the same smaller pouch for coins etc, and there is also a small stitched hole leading inside the H12 so you can route up a cable for your earphone’s etc. So, as you can see, if you have an issue with the obvious pocket for your MP3 player then you have an alternative location already set up to take your device and cabling!

Up to the top left, inside, we have another zipped pocket that can hold a wallet, passport etc, and a handy pouch for inserting a pen or a fine Cuban Cigar!

On each arm there are a couple of pockets with press down buttons that are handy for holding smaller items such as tickets, receipts, coins etc.

Around the neck area there is the facility to route your earphone cables neatly away so that the H12 is always ready for you to pick up and use with the MP3 player of your choice. A little tip, if you find the loops that you insert the headphone through to rub your neck a little when wearing, just tuck them under the Velcro tab and you will never even know they are there!


So, all in all there are plenty of places that you can put things, and just be aware that the usual locations you keep things in currently, may have to change slightly to accommodate the H12’s current pocket locations.

So, after a week of wearing it how do I really feel about the H12 now that the initial excitement is over?

The H12 really is a very good quality garment indeed, and I’d say that the cost of it is very acceptable.

When out and about I now have to aim higher to check my wallet location, but apart from that all the other pockets have been put to good use in the field, and even wearing the H12 in customer locations, it’s smart and stylish and there have already been a few people asking where I bought the H12 from, so maybe a few orders will start to wing their way into Ayegear soon!

The test for any garment is how the thing will wash, and at the moment I have yet to do this, so will have to see if my wife can wash it without destroying it in the washing machine… Watch this space for that fatal day… but I reckon it should be perfectly fine.


I suggest that you should  look at the  H12 if you are in the market for a hoodie with additional pockets, but you really do need to order one of these garments up to appreciate the overall quality of it!

Why not pop over to their web site, have a look for yourself and see what you think… now for me.. the decision is… should I now order up some different colours… or get the AyeGear 22 Jacket…….

I have put up a short video of me doing a little twirl of the H12., just to give you an idea of how it looks on my particular body shape!



Upgrading my iPhone4’s to IOS5 along with the rest of the world, I have really liked the various changes that have been added, and I think Apple has improved an already superb OS just enough to make most of us happy.

Now all the excitement has died down a bit away, I’ve had to take a long hard look at the way I am starting to use my iPhone4 and my new iPhone4s.

Previously, I have used my iPhone4 mainly for email and general messing around, while my business related calls and contacts have all sat in a normal Sony Ericsson phone. This was done due to contracts I had in place, but now that I have upgraded to the iPhone4s I was a bit worried about how it would all work for me in my day-to-day business.

With being made available at the same time as IOS5, I visited it and flicked around with it for a few minutes and then dismissed it as of no real use to me. I went back to messing around with the iPhone4s and tried to arrange things into a working order for myself.

I transferred my contacts from Outlook into my address book on the iMac, and once I enabled the iCloud feature, everything transferred across to iCloud, and in turn on my iPhone4s, seamlessly! It just worked! On my MacBook Pro, same thing, all the contacts are there, the diary information is there, JUST LIKE THAT!

Now, you may be like me (initially), and maybe went “Pffftttt” there, snorted and thought, “What a load of crap”. But until you actually take on board, what is happening here, and really think about it, the new way of storing contacts and diary features really is pretty impressive… and simple!

When I am in the field working, I take photographs of various jobs as a reference on my iPhone, and previously I had to come back and connect the iPhone up, sync with iPhoto and then start to check the images out… whereas now they are all sitting there ready for me to view as soon as I sit down to the 27” iMac… how? The images transfer via WiFi and are there all ready for me by the time I sit down and need to do more work.

What it means for me now is that when I am out and about, I can update my contacts on my iPhone, sit at any PC and update contacts and their information, and no matter what piece of kit I sit a front of when I get back in, all of that data is there, so no need to worry any more about linking up different computer/tech components through the day!

Also, if I decide to go out and buy the likes of an iPad, I know that as soon as I link it up to iCloud, all my stuff is there and I am ready to get on with other things in a matter of minutes!!!

I’m not wearing Rose Tinted Glasses, and I am not a fanboy (honestly), but with Apple’s track record on their previous cloud ventures, it will of course take a bit of time before people can actually start to trust all of this 100%, as it all just seems too good to be true. And usually the old adage is pretty accurate when it comes to technology…. but I’m (at the moment) extremely happy with the way everything is connected and the way it’s running.

And this more than anything else is why people get excited about Apple products. They just link in and work, and there is very little brain power needed by the end-user to get things all set up!

So, to all the other brand phone users out there, I’d like to know what their systems are like for setting up and configuring, and what they think are the negative things about the whole Apple connectivity!

I See iPhone 4 You!

It’s incredible just how much stuff you download on to an iPhone once you realise that you cannot be bothered using it as a phone! Social application, music, photograph elated and stacks of other material… all downloaded at 59p or above and all adding more value to the item in hand!

I use an ordinary Sony Ericsson for all my business calls, and use the iPhone for personal and out of hours calls that are given to limited people. When you work day in and day out and the phone means a problem to be sorted, you need to have some sort of control of having a nice phone call at times!

As you can see on the shot above, I even have access to my Bank Account through the iPhone, something that I am still a bit wary about, since I am paranoid about banking at the best of times on a PC (hence I only use the iMac for the Bank here) but the range of applications that are available for this phone is incredible.

Now that all the new phones from other companies are being released the “Tech Press” of course are just waiting for Apple’s iPhone to lose sales and potential drop down the ranking, and they are desperate for IOS to be hammered by Windows 7, Android, etc. I have to say that I love the whole look and feel of IOS and have not used any other phone of this type except for the Blackberry range that I detest with every fibre in my body!

I think this is a great time for everyone to have a choice on new phones, new operating systems and dropping prices except Apple of course) and this constant “Slagging Off” is really becoming so tiring and childish, that I just wish people would buy what they like, use it, and put a sock in it! You are not going to be making many calls anyway, so get the phone that has all the apps you want to play with and be happy with what you purchased… I know I am!

The Sad & Delusional “Fan Boy”

There are countless people in the world who seem to hate “Steve Jobs”, some who hate “Bill Gates”, and many others who hate some other high-ranking people who are in charge of a software or hardware company such as Apple or Microsoft, Dell or HP etc.

Many of these people are called “Fan Boys” due to the fact that they will do and say anything to protect what they consider to be the best hardware or software out there, and they feel this incessant need to always tell the world how right their way of thinking is, against what some other people may think for themselves.

The one universal thing I have discovered with the people who bitch, moan, complain, deride, and bully others in their “Fan Boy” attitudes, is that they are self-righteous, they will quote how long they have worked in a particular industry, how much they know or how long they have experienced the good or bad in whatever it is they are attacking or defending, but they fail to realise that what some of us see is a person who really has nothing much to do with their time or with their technology other than bitch and complain and wear the “Fan Boy” badge as though it means something or indicates some sort of social importance.

Sensible people will purchase a piece of software or hardware, and they will either like it or maybe have some reservations about it, but its a choice that they have made for themselves. Now, if the person has bought a product such as an iPad, or an iPhone 4 (I’m using Apple since it’s so prominent online) and they love their product, then as far as they are concerned, they are happy to have made the purchase and use their purchase and get satisfaction and fun out of it. Now, if that same person dares to say that they like their product online, or in company, you can guarantee that at least one “Fan Boy” will rear it’s head.

This person will now go on the attack, telling the person just how bad their purchase is, the social injustices done to them employee’s to manufacture this item, how the owners are tyrants, delusional, and should be shot or other bodily mutilations should be performed upon them. They then sneer and try to belittle the person into somehow feeling as though they have committed a crime, the self-righteous attitude usually increases if other people around them nod or murmur, as they then feel they have a growing following of what they consider to be the “Right Beliefs”.

Sadly, the “Fan Boy” lives in a sad little world….. The people around him are usually the types who are not good in an argument, or don’t really understand what all the fuss is about, but they feel threatened in some way and make a decision to stay out of things, though make it sort of clear that they will side with the bully so they can continue to have a nice evening! But, when a “Fan Boy” is faced by someone who is verbally and intellectually stronger than them, they have a self-defence mechanism that automatically activates, and they then start on the personal attacks of the person concerned!

“You drink the Kool-Aid”
“I have worked in the industry for xx number of years, I KNOW about these things…”
“Just shut up, you know nothing…”
Or if things are done online, spelling and Grammatical errors are pointed out to try to make the person go on the defence and thereby change the subject matter away from the initial “Fan Boy” rant!

I have dealt with these types of people through the long years of working in the IT industry, and as the years go by, these type of people never change. Ones that I have known through my teenage years, who are now well into their 40’s are still upset and angry when anyone else dares to buy a technological product that THEY believe should not be purchased. These people all have the same looks, and mannerisms, and usually have very limited “real” friends. I believe that it’s the complete lack of these things that upsets them most, as they do not like to see other people happy with what they purchase or use on a daily basis. They expect others to be as unhappy as they are, they are aloof and so far up their own echo chambers that they cannot see the reality and that is…… They are delusional and just sad individuals.

The consumer dictates what will be a hit or a miss, simple as that. Nobody forces any of us to buy products, and even if any of us feel that an item is over priced and not worth it, that’s out own feelings, and we should be aware that there are other people out there who are willing to spend the money, and be happy in doing so, and I do not see the reason why anyone would become upset at the person for doing so.

I make a living from the Windows PC World, and without it I would have no income! I “LOVE MICROSOFT” with all it’s faults as without these faults nobody would need my services!

I also use an Apple iMac 24″ with Snow Leopard and love the PC and all the software that comes with it, but if I had to rely on it for an income, I’d be out on the streets… the cost of it and the lack of any margin means Apple keeps all the goodness to itself.

Now, should I be upset and angry at Apple and their products? Not at all as they are in the market to make….. MONEY!

Sure I feel their prices are over the top, I feel the iPad is a very expensive product with limit uses for me personally, but I can understand why people will pay for it and all the accessories that they will also need. It’s what THEY WANT and I am sure they will be very happy with their purchase and I hope it brings them a lot of happiness as well! Would I take one if it was given to me for FREE? Of course I would, you would have to be a psychotic “Fan Boy” not to!

So, the next time you are faced with the dreaded “Fan Boy” mentality, have pity on the poor soul as they are sad, delusional people with no real life, and only their inane ranting keeps their blood from solidifying through sitting there or standing there spewing venom out into the world! Go forth and enjoy technology, live for the moment and know that whatever you buy now, will become old and unhip in 6 months time… but at least your 6 months and beyond, will have been fun times!

The Danger of the iPhone!!

Having recently purchased a new iPhone 4, I am now into my third week of ownership, and am slowly coming to grips with the IOS interface, and how to quickly jump around the various applications and web sites.

As confidence has grown, and many FREE APPS downloaded and tried out, the “iAd” has started to rear its head in such a way that as soon as I see one of these “iAds” pop up in a very annoying place, I make an instant note NEVER TO PURCHASE the application in question, simply because I feel that if the creators produce something so irritating to take my mind off the actual product itself, then clearly they are trying to ether hides something or just like to annoy the end-user! So NO CASH FROM ME PEOPLE!

But, when I have downloaded some trial APPS, or read reviews on material that looks good, and seen that the cost is ONLY 59p (under 60 pence!) I have no hesitation of clicking INSTALL and Apple rings up another sale, and another and another and another…. but when I took some time to step back and work out what I had bought, I was pretty taken aback!!!! Over £30.00 spent on great applications with no sense of financial loss, no sense of regret, no feelings of worry, that is until the credit card statement comes in and I see what else I have been buying!!!

The Danger of the iPhone is that it is so addictive, and so easy to download apps and play around with things that the phone side itself is in fact  secondary to everything, in fact the dam phone is getting in the way!!!!

Once you have an iPhone, and ignore all the people who whine and complain about it, you realise that what you have in your hands is an incredible piece of technology, certainly at a price, but sometimes you just have to accept that great things come at great cost sometimes, and it’s one of the reasons I believe the new iPod Touch will sell an incredible amount of units, and deservedly so! In fact, even though I have a new iPhone 4, I’m going to pick up a new iPod Touch 32GB for my wife, so that she too can enjoy the “Apple Experience” at home!

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