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Waken Your Synology From It’s Slumber!

Having the facility to store data using the Synology DS1513+ and the Synology DS212 NAS units, means that I can relax knowing that I have access to all my data as and when I need it.

During the day the DS212 is used as the main workhorse, with the DS1513+ used to take all the backups of data from the DS212 on predefined time through the day. along with other devices on the network that all have their own space on the DS1513+.

At night, the DS1513+ unit is not really needed, but as it’s locked up in a secure location, going in to turn it off in the evening and back on in the morning would have been a real pain, but thankfully the Synology NAS devices have the option to set them to power down and power back up at predefined times.

While this all worked fine, I then found that I needed access to the data on the DS1513+ while the unit was powered off. Initially I thought I would just have to wait until the unit powered up in the morning,  rather than having to unlock everything to get in and power it up early, but then I remembered that the LAN ports have an option for WOL (Wake On Lan), but had never gave it much thought… until now!


As my primary computer is an iMac, I decided to look around and see what would be required to wake the Synology NAS unit from being turned off. The help section on the Synology unit itself mentions applications to do this, but does not specify anything in particular, so the reliable Google search was undertaken to see what was there.

I have to say that for the Mac, I did find it difficult to find anything, but finally found a web site: that had a FREE utility called WakeOnLan.

A quick download, and installation, and I was presented with a list of devices on the LAN. A simple click on the Synology device and tell it to wake up, and a few seconds later the unit was back up and running again!


To test it again, I went into the Synolgy unit, told it to shut down, waited, and then told it to start back up again using the utility, and it did so with ease!  I did try and use the utility to put the Synology DS1513+ to sleep, but no matter what i tried it would not do this, so I just use the DSM interface to do this as usual.

So, if you are a Synology user with a Mac, and like to save a bit of money by turning things off, but have these items in a hard to get location, than have a look at WOL on anything you are using and check out this application to see if it will make things easier for you.

UPDATE: With the WakeOnLan software, go to preferences and make sure that the option to SCAN AFTER WAKEONLAN LAUNCH is not ticked once it has done it’s initial scan. If you have this on, once you turn the computer off and the NAS is asleep, when you restart the computer again it will not be able to find the NAS device. If that did happen with you, the way around this is to make sure you make a note of the IP address of the NAS unit as well as the MAC address of the unit as well. Once you have that, all you have to do is manually add the device to the WakeOnLan software and it will allow you to restart the NAS whenever you wish.

If you would like to see the video’s I have created of my Synology equipment please visit:

Synology DS1513+ Unboxing

Synology DS212 Unboxing

Synology DS212 – Breaking Raid 1 Array


MICROSOFT RULES? Unless YOU know better…

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003/2008/2011 has been one of the best value, best featured packages that Microsoft has ever released, but sadly the power that be have completely lost the plot and are no longer going to develop the Small Business Server line, so SBS 2011 is the final version.

With this happening, there is a massive market now going to be left struggling to find an all in one, affordable solution, and I believe this could be the time for some other company to snatch this sector if they actually have the right solution on offer.

Through the years I have become so fed up and tired of listening to people arguing about operating systems, what is the best, what is the worst, who sucks at this etc… so once again I am going to ask people to stand up or shut up about how great their chosen platform is by getting them to enter the real world of opportunities that are about to be opened up by Microsoft’s crazy visions of dropping the best all-in-one solution there is for Small Business.

Microsoft haters, Apple haters, Linux Haters, time for you to put all this nonsense to end once and for all with regards the real world of business!!

So, here’s the scenario, and it’s up to YOU to provide the solution… if you can of course…..

A small office, with 5 computers all running the same desktop operating system.

Server for storing their data.

  • The need to have an office suite in place for word processing, spreadsheet and email.
  • The email must be on each desktop, and there has to be the facility for the sharing of diaries, and sharing of email accounts for certain users. Internal email as well as external email must be in place.
  • They must have the facility for remote access to their email and documents from home, and access to their email from iPhone, Blackberry etc.
  • There must be the facility for creating individual user accounts, with security options to restrict access to certain folders (company accounts and the likes).
  • Backup of data should be available on external hard drives, or offline via ftp.

So, come on now everyone who staunchly defends their operating systems, their great applications and their hardware! Time to put something on the table, and not in a half arsed guessing manner, present a hardware/software solution that will allow a small business to do the same, or more, than can be done with Microsoft Small Business Server.

If you constantly bitch online about stuff (like I do) you have to be prepared to put up something that can justify what it is that gets on your goat, and also get ready for other people to come back at you with idea’s and solutions that you maybe did not really know about… and this is where I lay it on the line and say this.

I have yet to find any software solution that is as easy to configure, install and maintain as Small Business Server has been through the years. The whole package has been an incredible collection of components, released at a really great price, and as yet; I believe there is nothing else on the market that compares to it for the complete functionality and solution that it provides to a small business.

C’mon now, don’t be shy, provide the solution that can do all that Small Business Server currently does for a business. Who knows, if you can, present a solution, I may see myself shifting to it since Microsoft will be leaving a major gap in this sector wide open from next year, and I’m just curious who will have the tech savvy to snatch this opportunity up.

So… the simplest of things for your platform of choice to be able to do, is set in front of you. I just have this feeling that there is not going to be any affordable solution presented…. Why not prove me completely wrong?


I can say that when I heard this, I had the same feeling of dread I get whenever I have to face something in my life that I am dreading, and it has been keeping me in a state of depression, worrying about it. I know that no matter what I say or do, no matter how I twist and turn, that event will happen and I cannot escape the pain that will ensue…. That’s how bad Windows 8 is to me and to many other people who seem to have the sense to see what is being thrust before them.

We have kids all saying how great Windows 8 is, we have some tech people saying how wonderful Windows 8 is, but I grow tired of the fanboy, the people selling their useless pathetic books of secrets of the new Windows 8 operating system, and just wish more people would face facts and see reality on what is happening here.

Windows 8 is a pathetic attempt by Microsoft to emulate Apple’s OS’s and it fails so badly that I find it incredible that people really do think that the desktop environment is going to be transformed by this bastardised operating system. Apple has done it the smart way. They have their tablet operating system, iOS, they have OSX on the Mac, they have some features of iOS in OSX but it’s there in the background, pretty much wasted for most of us as we have no use for a tablet OS on a Desktop platform.

Microsoft should have done the same as Apple, and released a tablet OS and an updated version of Windows that actually worked and integrated into the server and office applications they currently have, but they are so greedy and in fact so lacking in vision these days that clearly with the people they have working for them at the moment, this was the best pigs ear of an OS they could come up with.

Maybe Microsoft needs to think of getting rid of some of the people they have there at the moment, as they clearly have no vision, no creative skills, no sense of what the real world wants. They only seem to think on how they can screw people over, and try to bullshit their way through another disaster of epic proportions. The sacking should start from the very top, and the heads should roll all the way down to the bottom so that they are left only with people with vision and talent… but by all accounts that means the offices of Microsoft may all be empty.

On Windows 8, we have people telling us how fast it is…. Heck it should be fast they have reduced the Colour scheme back to the days of the ZX Spectrum! We should be using the keyboard combination to do things, when in fact they are just reinforcing the statements that people like me are saying, that Windows 8 is useless for use in a daily business environment! The POINT of their operating system is touch on the screen, so why on earth would ANYONE want to USE the KEYBOARD????? HELLO? HELLO? Is there anyone there with a working brain cell?

The average user finds it difficult doing the easiest of tasks, but it is very easy to show and explain with Windows XP/7 in it’s normal form, and trying to remember keyboard combinations, where to flick on the screen for invisible items, and watching a screen flip between amateurish icons and the regular desktop, just creates a situation of utter confusion that tech support people must be dreading!

We will see many an office manager having to call the police as their staff erupt in frustration and they just run amok trying to find some way to vent their anger and frustration after having to use this piece of nonsense of an operating system.

As it stands, in the clients I have visited and demonstrated Windows 8 to, every single one of them (12 offices, 58 people) they have all said the same thing. I’m not using that! Well, a lot said things a bit more fruity, but it meant the same.

So, my feeling, my client’s feelings, are the same… Microsoft has the biggest disaster of an operating system release ahead of it, and no amount of PR and spin will change my mind or my client’s minds to use this operating system and we will stick with Windows 7 for all our desktop installations.

What my clients did say was this. Why doesn’t Microsoft get what they currently have, working correctly with everything else? Why don’t they have the operating systems secure from virus and malware attacks yet even after all these years?

The list goes on, as will the debate on Windows 8, but I am not going to conform to the blinkered attitudes of the people out there trying to sell a Donkey of an operating system to the people. I will not try to make money from people by bullshitting them into believing that Windows 8 will be great for them, when it will not be. What I will do is continue to sell Windows 7 to my clients, and if Microsoft continues down this road of madness to try to get rid of Windows 7, I think that a lot of my Client’s may be going the Apple route as at least with OSX, they are given a choice on how they wish to work.

I believe that Windows 9 will see Microsoft backtrack big style and if not, I believe that Windows 8 may be the operating system that finally made Microsoft lose it’s hold on the World’s desktops.


As many people are aware, Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the masses, and by all accounts there have been millions of downloads of the forthcoming operating system.

The Microsoft hype machine has been pushing Windows 8 as being the best and most revolutionary version yet of their operating system, and with this release we are all given a chance to see if this is true or not.

Windows 7 is the current desktop operating system, and nearly everyone who uses Windows will agree, it’s been the best version to date, more so if we all forget Vista and the disaster that was. With the release of Windows 7 we could all forget how stupid Microsoft was for releasing such a disaster in the past, knowing full well that there would be no way they could ever be as stupid again… that is until we have Windows 8…

To me, the purpose of an operating system is to provide you with a platform that allows you to use the applications you wish, and an easy way to organise the data you need to work with. The operating system should be simple to use, simple to move around in and easy to access your data as and when required. The operating system should never really be in the foreground when you are working, it should just be there supporting the applications you are working with and basically just do what it’s supposed to do… run, not crash and just be a front end that we see initially and then just ignore for the rest of the time.

Microsoft, however has taken the idea that we don’t want this; we want an operating system that looks like it has been designed by someone with no artistic skills, who thinks people only do one task at a time on a screen, and think people have no need to see where the applications and data reside. That is what Windows 8 is currently providing you… a nightmare scenario, which just seems to get worse the more you actually start to use the thing.

METRO: This is a word that is making the normally stressed IT people, go beyond their extreme stress levels, venturing into new dimensions of nightmares. The idea of trying to support their current desktop users switching to a Metro interface I think will see many of them just throwing in the towel and moving on to a new career… the hassle factor will not be worth the money… really… it is that bad.

Metro has no place at all in a Desktop PC working environment. For a tablet, the cheap front end will be fine, more so when you can just click the amateurish buttons and use a single application at a time, and flip between each one, but on a desktop we want to have multiple windows open at a time and easily navigate to our data, not having to click multiple buttons to do a simple task.

The beloved Start Button, or ORB is also gone…. So when you install a new package, let’s say Office 2007 or 2010, it installs fine… but then you are left with a collection of icons on the Metro interface that you need to drag around or unpin, as it shows every piece of garbage installed. Utterly stupid! A complete waste of time once again just so Microsoft can have a different look to their operating system.

Windows 8 for the desktop must have:

NO METRO INTERFACE in any shape or form.
The Start/Orb button has to be there for access to program files.

Two little things, that’s it, just two little things that will allow people to keep their sanity with a Windows product, but then…. If they do that, we just have Windows 7, so why on earth would anyone want to upgrade to Windows 8?

And that’s the real point here. Microsoft is a software company, they need to keep releasing new products that they can sell to the masses, but their complete lack of vision on what people want or need is a major problem.

They changed Office to use “The Ribbon” and nearly everyone I have spoken to in business, hates it and would gladly just have Office 2003 installed on their systems… but Microsoft tells us all that this is what people wanted, and it’s a better experience. NO IT’S NOT! It’s hacked off millions of people, and the only reason for the change was so Microsoft could make more money, and heck, while changing the interface, why not change the default .doc files into .docx and cause more misery for the business users through the world.

With Windows 8, all Microsoft appears capable of doing now is to screw up the front end, and then try to push the thing out to the masses and make out that they are the ones who asked for it, and that it’s a great move forward for us all.

Sorry, this bullshit is not going to be taken lightly this time, more so when there is also changes happening to the Server family where they are seriously thinking of having a Metro interface on that as well!!! ARE THEY REALLY THAT OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY? A SERVER PLATFORM RUNNING METRO??? ARE THEY FRIGGIN INSANE????????

There is a maniacal Captain running around Microsoft these days, who has lost complete control of his senses and what reality is like. Maybe we need Bill gates to come back and start slapping a few heads and throwing out the idiots who are currently at Microsoft, and getting in people who understand how to design a user interface correctly, who know how to design something that does not look like a chimp has drawn it, who understand what the business users needs and requires to function daily… and then, maybe then, we may see Microsoft get back on a track that will allow them to release great software that is usable, manageable, and above all else, worth upgrading to.

As it is, Windows 8 will never appear on any systems I use, nor supply. It can sit on a tablet, as that is where it should be, but Windows 7 will remain the platform of choice until someone can get this madness sorted out once and for all.

And people wonder why Apple sales are increasing? If they don’t understand why, then clearly Metro is designed for their mentality…

DON’T WORRY…. BE HAPPY! (at a price…)



Why on earth do people get so worked up about an advert of television, more so one from Apple? The point of any advert is to push a brand across to the general public, and tell them that this product is the best product, and all the other products are inferior. So you must buy theirs!

Heck, pity the poor women who are subjected daily on television with skin care products that claim to make them look younger, when in fact everyone knows they do not, even the people who buy the stuff know they do not, but they buy into the product because of what the advertisers do, and do very well… they are selling an illusion that says we wants it and need it, when in fact the reality is completely the opposite.

Most people can live without an Apple product of any kind, and the same goes for any Microsoft software solution or hardware that is used to run it on. It’s products like these that we are manipulated into buying, more so as they are interesting, entertaining and of course, got to be affordable…

Like everything in the world of technology advertising, you have to offer an entry-level product and of course offer the ultimate/premium product that the more cash rich person will wish to have. The consumer gets drawn into buying the affordable item, but deep down most people would like to have the premium product, but cash will always be the deciding factor on what they end up with.

How many car adverts do you watch on television and you drool over the car shown on TV, They show you the cheap price for buying this car, but in ultra small print they point out that the car on the screen advertising the product costs about another £10,000 to buy, and when you see the car at the promoted price, it usually looks like the inside of an empty match box!

Apple has taken the approach with technology as has the likes of Bang & Olufsen has with audio, and decided to bypass the lower end of the market and only focus on consumers who have money available to spend on a premium product.  They do not need to show a cheap price to entice you in; the entry-level is usually beyond the average consumers price reach anyway, and the same goes for the likes of Bang & Olufsen as well, that’s just the way these brands are!

Most of the people who bitch and complain loudly about the likes of Apple, and other brands that charge a premium price for products that can be obtained at a cheaper price, are usually the very same ones who deep down would love to have these products, but either cannot afford to buy them, refuse to buy them on principle, or just live in hope that they will win or be given the products for nothing., and if that was to happen, their tune would probably change.

Just accept the fact that there are products out there that some of us can afford, and that others cannot, and even though you feel that you are in the right on what is good or bad technology wise. Why not allow people to make their own mistakes or experience their own delights and allow your blood pressure a moment to rest, your spleen to heal and your venom to dilute a little and maybe take the time of rest to worry about more important things in life.

Operating System Security? Who Cares!!

We have Apple about to release their latest operating system “Lion” very soon, and we also have Microsoft starting to throw out the hype about Windows 8. Both of these operating systems all appear to focus on the main GUI and how easy it will be to operate and of course, how pretty it all looks.

For me, while appreciating these new operating systems, I cannot understand why Microsoft and sadly now, Apple don’t focus more attention into making their operating systems more secure for daily usage, rather than focussing on triviality such as the way their operating systems look and feel.

I can already hear the gnashing of teeth from some people as they start ranting about how we cannot make any operating system completely secure, and what I am writing is complete nonsense, as it’s something that cannot be done…

Sorry to say, it’s that same tired attitude that really hacks me off. If decent coders, and people with vision could get Microsoft and Apple to listen to them, then maybe we might see a chance of there being a major change in operating system security, something that we desperately need now more than ever.

When you have to conform to a company programming structure, then the chance for creativity and the chance for revolutionary techniques don’t have the same chance to evolve, unless of course my own ignorance in these matters is being shown somewhat.

Are the negative people out there being serious when they say that there is nothing that can be done to make the current operating systems more secure? If that were the case, then I would hope there would be at least one single person out there with real vision and talent who could turn around and put these people in their place, and put themselves onto the map as being the person who changed the face of securing operating systems in the world.

And here is the problem… Where is this person?

Maybe there really is nobody out there at all who has any real progressive and revolutionary ideas on how to create a more secure operating system, and maybe the negative people out there are right, and I am delusional?

If that is the case, are we really now just expected to see Microsoft and Apple release new operating systems with nothing more than a fancy look and a new version number? Seriously? Is that it? You are willing to just accept that?

If that is the case then sadly things really can only get worse, and complete apathy rules the world of operating systems…

Unless of course… you know better?

Have a read at THIS very interesting post and I think this shows you what I mean regarding the company culture that exists. You may think you have coding freedom, when in fact it does appear to be an illusion.

Oh look! What a nice icon! What a nice desktop background….


We have a Yeti In The House!

While I still debate on the route I am going to take on replacing my PC hardware here, I have also been looking into improving the quality of audio presentations that I do while doing YouTube video’s or just general Skype calls.

The standard microphone that is inside the iMac and the microphone that is inside the Logitech C910 web camera that I use are ok for what they do, but clearer and less distorted audio is something I felt I had to sort out, but I was not too sure on the right way to go about this.

I did know that I was only doing this sort of thing now and again, so the idea of a mixing desk and the like was ruled out straight away, though a lot of that train of thought was also down to how complicated it all appeared to be to me! So, scouring the Internet and reading as many reviews as I could, I decided that the best device for me would be the “Blue Yeti USB Microphone”. It appeared to offer all the functionality that I would ever need, and at a later date if I needed something better,  I’m sure I could re-sell it for a reasonable price.

I decided to buy the microphone from as they had it in stock, could deliver it next day and for just under £100.00 felt that it was a reasonable price to pay for something that appeared to be well reviewed by everyone and every site I had visited.

So, Saturday morning 15/1/11 at 10:00am and the beast arrives!

I then decide to do an unboxing video of the event that you can view * HERE * and after that, I plugged the device into my iMac and it found is immediately! I followed the instructions for setting up the audio input and output, but found that I could not hear anything through the headphones I had plugged into the Yet. I checked, and then double checked the settings, but nothing would come through. So, I did a reset of the iMac and brought it all back up again, only to discover that the iMac could not even detect the Yeti any more! Doing some quick searches online for technical support, I removed all attached USB devices on the iMac and started the system again, but the Yeti was no longer being detected.

So, ignoring the iMac, I moved across to the Windows 7 PC here, plugged the Yet in and proceeded to get a message telling me that an unknown device was attached! No amount of re-inserting would make any difference here, the yet was in fact DEAD by all accounts!

Now I did video a small sticker on the bottom of the yeti box that indicated that this was a NEW device, and to be honest, the box was extremely dusty as well, so based on what has happened I just have the feeling that this model has been a refurbished/repaired device and I suppose it should have just work, but with the luck I seem to have, that was not the case!

Maybe this is the “Tech God” telling me to either go the Switcher Route or not to bother with a Microphone at all, but either way, at least I have arranged to get a full refund on the device from Amazon and will use the time to ponder and reflect on the next route open to me.

New Computer System Thoughts…

At some points through the year I go through a phase of thinking…. and that in itself is a scary thought, but I think that maybe it’s time I gave serious thought to upgrading the main computer system I have here.
Now, let me say that the gear I have here is perfectly fine for everything I need a computer to do,  but as someone who is “into” technology there becomes a point where you just get and itch that means you want to upgrade, even though you know you really do not have to!

So, In my searching around, it has become clear to me that the market is full of interesting things, crap things, and overpriced things, and trying to work out what way to go has been quite an uphill struggle!

Still, I present my current thoughts on the system I am thinking of putting together and would be interested in hearing from others on the pro’s and con’s of the equipment I have chosen.
Rather than just a simple, “that’s crap” statement, it would be interesting to have a structured comment on where you feel the hardware is not something that should be purchased, and what would be considered a better option.

The one thing to point out here is that I am in no way interested in Games in any shape or form. So a gaming rig means nothing to me. What I am interested in though is SILENCE, SPEED, LIGHTNING FAST RESPONSE TIMES and something that is just TECH-SEXY!

Currently I am debating buying the following equipment to bring myself up to date on the technology front.

Monitor: X2 new iiyama ProLite B2712HDS-B1 monitors (details here)
Tower Case: Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced Black Mid Tower Computer Case (details here) – (£69.00)
Power Supply: Corsair 750 Watt (details here) (£132.00)
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth TUF X58 Motherboard, USB 3.0, SATA III – (details here) (£159.00)
Processor: BX80601950 – Intel Core i7 950 Bloomfield 45nm, 3.06 GHz, QPI 4.8GT/s, 8MB Cache, 23x Ratio, 130W, Retail –  (details here) -(£223.00)
Memory: 12GB – Corsair Memory Dominator GT 12GB DDR3 2000 Mhz CAS 9 DHX XMP Triple Channel Desktop (details here) – £290.00
Video Card: GV-N98TSL-1GI – 1GB Gigabyte 9800 GT, PCI-E 2.0 (x16), 1800MHz GDDR3, GPU 600MHz, 112 Cores, D-Sub/HDMI/DVI, Passive – (details here) – £90.00
Main Hard Drive: OCZ 120GB Vertex 2E SSD – Solid State Drive (details here) –  (£176.00)
DVD Writer: Samsung Blu-Ray Combo, SH-B123L/RSBP, SATA, Retail (details here) – £47.00

Considering that these components are what are available near the end of 2010, it will be interesting to see the price differences that occur in 2011 when all the new tech bits are being released to the masses!

Is it Crucial for me, or is it Crucial for you?

64GB Crucial RealSSD C300 2.5-inch SATA 6GB/s

Over the last few weeks I have been pondering over what new item I might want to purchase for the Windows systems I have here. Usually I’m looking at various Apple devices, but the extreme costs of these products has allowed me to shift focus back to my roots, where the Windows PC is King, and the technology is affordable and varied as well.

For me, the boot-up time of any computer system is the first irritant of the day, and anything that can speed this up has to be a good thing in my book. I decided to look around and see if a new large capacity hard drive would be the way forward, but when you consider that my primary hard drive on the Windows 7 system here is a 1.5TB device, I decided that maybe I should be looking at a different technology completely! So, SSD drives got researched and after a few sharp intakes of breath on the current costs of them at the moment, I read into the technical specifications, watched a few YouTube video’s and after that, I decided that rather than going for a 128GB SSD device, a 64GB device would be better for me as this would allow me to have my operating system, applications and general files all on SSD, but the larger, rarely used items stored onto the 1.5TB drives I have attached externally.

The main Windows 7 PC system I use daily is ancient in technology terms, but does everything I need from a PC, except give me the ability to appear smug online and tell people how many cores I am running and much memory I have in it etc. Upgrading to SSD is more a case of me easing my “Technology Boredom” as it’s what you do with the computer systems you have that dictates if they are up to the job or not, and my current equipment performs perfectly for my needs, but I just want a new toy that might speed start times up a little more for me!

Windows 7 Professional
ASUS M2N4-SLI Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+ (2.80GHz)
4.00Gb RAM DDR2 (3.25GB usable as it’s 32bit edition of Windows 7 professional)
NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS Video card
Main OS Drive – Western Digital Caviar Green 1.5TB SATA Hard Drive

In the end I decided to go for the SSD drive from details can be found in full by clicking on the link below.

64GB Crucial RealSSD C300 2.5-inch SATA 6GB/s from HERE

Ordering this in a Saturday morning (20/11/2010) is probably not the best time to do it if you wan’t things fast, but I’m patient at times!. Coming in at £110.44, it’s not cheap when you match it up against the likes of a 1.5TB or 2TB hard drive, but the benefit here for me is that its a 2.5 inch device, so I can test it initially in my main Windows 7 PC system and if it performs well, I can then test it out on the laptops I have here, and see if they benefit from this technology. The laptops don’t store a large amount of data anyway, so 64GB will be more than enough storage for them!

After placing the order, and advertising the fact that I had actually placed an order for it, I was not surprised at the general feedback that started to come through. The small 64GB size and the write speeds all got pointed out to me, but everyone seemed to be missing the whole point of the exercise, which is to test the technology and assess if its going to be of any use to me personally. I have absolutely no interest in benchmark tests where a millisecond is shaved of some stupid graph, where some file takes 10 seconds to be written up against 5 seconds, it’s all about the real-world general use that I have that matters. The benchmark side of things are what I read from other technical web sites, sift through 99% of the garbage and focus on the real world stuff.

Now, SSD drives seem to have the reputation of just being like a hard drive, you just pop it out of the box, install your operating system and that’s you done and dusted with whizz bang performance!
In theory, yes you can do this, but you will also find that your purchase may not be as great as you though it would be, more so as time goes by and you decide to actually use the drive! And if you are going to go down the SSD route you really should be thinking of Windows 7 as standard, and just ignore Windows XP as you will have quite a few hoops to jump through to get things running at maximum performance, and keeping it that way.

If you are considering purchasing an SSD device then you should have a read at the information contained HERE. It makes for very interesting reading!

There would also appear to be a number of changes that should/could be done for temp files, swap files and the likes, but I intend to approach the installation as simply as I can. Take unit from box, throw it into the main PC and do a fresh installation of Windows 7 Professional to see how long it takes. Once I have done that, I will then take my working Windows 7 drive and clone this onto the SSD drive and see what the real world usage will be like. This should be really interesting as the PC system here really will get a hammering very quickly! Once I grow tired of this side, I shall then replace the internal hard drive of the Samsung NC20 netbook with the SSD device and see if my other half can feel any difference in it… all without her being told of course… hidden observation shall be the key element here!

So…. it’s Sunday morning and I have the rest of the week to wait until the SSD drive arrives, so watch this space for a full review on the product, a YouTube unboxing video and various Twitter announcements on the good and the bad as they happen!

Tired of Windows PC Malware and Virus Issues…


The last two days have been an absolute pain in the backside due to sorting out not one, not two, not three but four Windows PC’s that either will not boot up, are infected with Malware and Virus files, one with a corrupted hard drive and the last one just acting dead with no apparent reason other than just feeling like it!!!!

Now, the data side and all of the other stuff, I am not fussed about, it’s all backed up and easy to restore, but what is really getting to me is the fact that the two main machines I am dealing with are not one’s that I supplied to the client. I am put into a position of taking the required measures of sorting them out, as the people who supplied them are not willing to even look at them, as they are regarding it as a software issue! After examining these systems I knew I too wanted nothing to do with them as I just knew this was going to be a lot of work, many hours spent getting them taken away, backed up, cleaned, restored and then returned and installed again.

As expected, when I visited them they had no Virus protection, not even a free one, though someone did attempt to install an old version of Norton Antivirus, but when the last update was October 2009, somehow I knew this would not have helped them out very much! So the HP machine was so infected with Trojans and goodness knows what else, that the only option was to backup the data, wipe it and then restore it all back…. but it’s such a slow process, made more annoying when the clients ask…. “HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?” “WHO DONE IT?” and other such idiotic statements and questions, that by now, should never be asked by anyone, not even a child in jest!!!!

It’s day’s like this that I sit in front of my Windows 7 PC and my iMac thinking, well, I’m making a lot of money from people being stupid, but I do not like that thought as this sort of thing really should not be happening these days, but as anyone in the business will tell you, it’s actually getting worse!

We really do need some sort of secret task force that can trace the release of these infections back to source(s) and being blunt, take these people out permanently, so that another waste of space can stop inflicting so much misery on the computer world!

The biggest bugbear though is the time it takes to get everything back up and running again, and you can almost guarantee that the phone will ring, with the client on the other end, ready with the question of, “When will the computer be ready?” This translates to, “I need it back straight away as I cannot live without it, please tell me that it’s going to come back the same day!”

With the amount of bitching that some people do about Microsoft’s operating systems, the simple fact is that they are very good, are very affordable but the idiots out there are making everything into a misery for us all, just to prove a point. Sure I make money (at times) from this sort of work, but I would rather NOT have to do any of this type of stuff as it’s a waste of time for everyone!

I dread to think though if/when Apple’s operating system (currently Snow Leopard with Lion on the Horizon as well) suddenly get targeted, and then get a major Virus and Malware infestation. Why? Because most of the Apple users have allowed themselves to become complacent, and believe that they are immune to all of these “PC PROBLEMS”. The day will come though when someone does decide to move their Virus/Malware talents across to the Apple camp, and for the likes of me, that just means double the trouble, though with the potential with double earnings as well!

And yes, I am a Mac and I am a PC, I am… and that’s enough for the world at this moment!

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