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American based company SCOTEVEST recently sent us their Cotton Hoodie, made from 100% cotton to review.

With any garment we get in for review, we take at least a week out with it, to see how it feels and functions in daily wear, and that way we can make a fair assessment of the garment, and see what issues if any arise with it.

The Scottevest Hoodie arrived in a very colourful bag, with the company owners images and their garments emblazoned in full colour all over it!

The specifications of the hoodie are:

  • 13 pockets to hold your daily essentials or travel items
  • 100% pre-washed cotton with poly lining
  • Adjustable hood, rib knit cuffs, magnetic pocket closures
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management
  • Super comfy and warm, great layer for long flights
  • No lining for total ease and comfort
  • Clear touch interior pockets, Weight Management System™

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On taking the hoodie out of the wrapping, my fist impression was that the garment was very clean-cut, with no garish branding on it, but the poor thing could have done with a good iron! Considering how far it had travelled to get to me, and having to go through the Christmas post, it was nothing that ironing did not sort out.

The outside fabric quality felt very nice, and the inside felt soft, but slightly firm, but overall something that felt as though it was quality.


After putting it on, my hands instinctively went to the side pockets, and I found that the pockets are held closed by small magnets! This is a pretty neat touch, and I will be honest here and say it did throw me for a while as I am so used to having pockets wide open all the time with nothing stopping me from slipping my hands in.

After a while I found that the automatic locking of the pocket did in fact become very handy as that way I found that coins and stuff in the pocket could not fall out as easily! I now also know not to jump when I hear clicking sounds coming from my body… it’s the magnets locking and not my bones creaking!

The fit of the hoodie when worn is really very nice! I mentioned the texture of fabric above, but when you put the hoodie on it fits like a glove, and the cut of the fabric is really excellent. Once I had it on, it actually felt like a second skin, it was so comfortable!!!!!

Pulling up the hood, and it too was a perfect cut, shaped well and sat on my head so comfortably that I didn’t want to take it back off again!

The two main side pockets are at the right level, and the right cut angle to get the hands in, and they sit in a comfortable position.  You do have to flick the pockets open every time though, but you get used to it quickly.

As soon as your hands go in, you find that in the right hand pocket there is an extendable cable for attaching your keys to, and this is attached to a cloth loop that you can pop open and shut simply.

As well as this, there is an elasticated strap for holding the likes of a small bottle of water. At the bottom of the pocket you also have a smaller pocket for putting in coins, or other small devices, and this is held closed by a Velcro strip. There is a knack for opening this little pocket, as instinctively I tried to open it with my thumb and finger, and did find this difficult at times. I found that if you grab the small pocket from behind with the left hand, and then pull, the pocket opens with ease every time.

Slightly back from the right hand pocket there is a zipped pocket that you can put in a pocket camera or anything else with these dimensions.  The pocket is split into two sections, so it’s easy to positions items to sit where they feel most comfortable.

The zip is easy to access, and worked smoothly when the pocket was empty and full.


At the inside top right of the Scottevest Hoodie, there is another zip, and opening that there is a special pocket that holds your mobile phone or MP3 player.  The pocket has a see through cover that allows you to touch the front panel of your device and change tracks, answer calls etc. The material it is made from is very smooth, and it is certainly feels very nice, and not plastic feeling or looking!

This pocket shape is pretty neat as you have to make sure that you insert your phone and push it over to the left, leaving you space on the right, for other items.

I have to be honest here and say that I experienced a few problems with the zip here, as it seemed to stick quit a bit when trying to pull it down, and I also had a few problems getting the zip to go back up. I found that as long as I held the bottom of the pocket tight, near the zip bottom and pulled the zip, it would work, but other times I did struggle.

In testing the pocket out with my iPhone4s, I found that I had a problem being able to see what was on the screen. Now this is partly down to my eyesight, but even when wearing glasses, I found that the when I turned the phone around to look at it, the size of the pocket being larger meant that the covering material made it very difficult for me to see what was on the screen. The icons are fine on the phone, but forget trying to read any text; it just isn’t possible for me to do this.

Now, anyone younger, who has better eyesight will have no problems at all I reckon, but someone of my size and shape and age (49) with a expending waistline, might have, and that’s the only reason I point this out.

On the outside, to the right of this pocket you also have a smaller pocket with a Velcro clip for storing pens, batteries, etc.

On the left hand side pocket, you have the same smaller pouch for coins etc, and there is also a small stitched hole leading inside the Cotton Hoodie so you can route up a cable for your earphone’s etc. So, as you can see, if you have an issue with the obvious pocket for your MP3 player then you have an alternative location already set up to take your device and cabling!

Up to the top left, inside, we have another zipped pocket with the same see-through material that can hold a phone, MP3 player etc, and if you feel further up, there is another pocket that you can fit in a passport etc, and outside to the left of this pocket you have a handy pouch for inserting a couple of pens or some cigars!


Around the neck area there is the facility to route your earphone cables neatly away so that the Scottevest Cotton Hoodie is always ready for you to pick up and use with the MP3 player of your choice. The cut and the positioning of this cable management system is spot on. I have not felt the loops rubbing my neck in any way in use, and the Velcro clips hold the cables in fine.

So, all in all there are plenty of places that you can put things, and just be aware that the usual locations you keep things in currently, may have to change slightly to accommodate the Scottevest Cotton Hoodie’s current pocket locations.

So, after a month of wearing it how do I really feel about the Scottevest Cotton Hoodie now that the initial excitement is over?

The Scottevest Cotton Hoodies is an incredibly comfortable garment to wear. The garment style and cut is very nice, and it just feels like you are wearing a second skin, it just does not get in your way!

The initial problems with the zips on the internal pockets remain for me. I don’t know if it’s the way I am pulling them or not, but I seem to struggle a bit and it can get annoying when you are in a hurry to get something out.

The side-zipped pocket just works well, and the same goes for the zip. The pockets are great and roomy, and I actually miss other garments not automatically closing for me now, the magnets are starting to spoil me!!!

The test for any garment is how the thing will wash, and at the moment I have yet to do this, so will have to see if my wife can wash it without destroying it in the washing machine… Watch this space for that fatal day… but I reckon it should be perfectly fine.


The Scottevest Cotton Hoodie is an extremely nice garment to wear. The only problem for anyone in the UK at the moment is that you have to order it from the states, so the postage costs will add a bit to it.

I will put up a short video of the Scottevest Cotton Hoodie being worn by myself in a few days, just to give you an idea of how it looks and how it functions with me.

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